KTM Cam Chain Replacement, etc....

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by sobrider, Apr 1, 2013.

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    The cam chain tensioner on my 2006 400 EXC has three clicks left so I thought I'd replace the cam chain. My question is what else should be replaced with the chain? I know the guide and tensioner should be replaced, but what about the drive gear? cam bearings and all the seals that go with it? Is there a kit available with all the necessary parts? One more thing...Im in the market for a chain tool, so if you have one available, I am interested. Thanks for your help.
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    How many hours on your bike?

    If it's got a worn timing chain I would guess a little north of 150.

    I'm not too familiar with rfs engines, but it might be wise to replace the waterpump seal, and check the rocker arm bearings, as a failed one can lunch the cam and set needle bearings free to do laps around the valve train and beyond.

    Set it at TDC, then split the chain, no need to grind the rivet down, your chain tool will press it out just fine.

    Tie some string around the ends first so it doesent fall in.
    Wire the new chain to the old on the aft side, and you should be able to jiggle it to get it around the lower sprocket/gear.

    That way you don't have to pull the side cover off.