KTM EXC 2014 Front Fender Upgrade Kit

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    Sep 29, 2009
    We have just finished the first production billet adaptor so that riders with older KTM EXC & SX can fit the new 2014 front fender, and the new halogen headlight.
    This specially designed aircraft-spec aluminium bracket enables the new 2014 fender to mount onto the older style triple clamp, as the new style has 2 M6 screws in the front and 2 M6 screws from the underside.
    The new 2014 headlight unit is a straight “plug & play” fit to the new fender, and gives better brightness than the old design.

    There is also a plastic moulded adaptor so that those who do not wish to do the full upgrade of fender & headlight, can keep their old headlight mask.
    This is needed because the new 2014 Fender has holes instead of pegs, as the older fenders have, to locate the mask.