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    Im looking for advice on where to start looking for the starting problem. I did a few things at once so Im not sure exactly where to start looking, but here is what I did; maybe something here will make sense to you.
    I added a fan kit to my 2006 400 EXC then I cleaned out the airbox and added a new filter; now the bike wont start. It started at first,then wouldn't take any throttle without dying, then the engine started racing, I used the kill switch to stop, now I cant get it started again. It doesn't seem flooded, the plug is not wet with gas; it still gets spark.

    Here are the sequence of events:

    1. Added the fan kit
    2. Cleaned airbox and replaced filter element with a new one
    3. I used the spray on oil and was fairly liberal with it...kind of messy, put it all back together and closed up the box.
    4. I rinsed the coolant from the lower part of the engine with a light spray of water trying to stay away from the wiring
    5. Tried to start.

    My gut tells me the carb may be clogged with debris although I thought I was pretty careful when cleaning the box. The part about the engine racing i think is critical to what the problem may be. Any ideas on what I can do next? I'd really appreciate any advice!
    Thanks, Steve
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    Sounds like maybe your throttle is cracked open. When you put it back together you may have snagged the throttle cable and now the throttle plate won't close all the way... Just a thought?