KTM LC4 Adventure carbon tank shield

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    Aug 18, 2012

    I am a manufacturer of composite (fiberglass, carbon, kevlar, etc.)

    We offer tank cover for KTM LC4 adv
    Cover is made of carbon fiber-reinforced Kevlar

    cover perfectly protects the tank from abrasions and impacts

    The set covers the left and right side
    Guards are protected against UV clear gel coat
    execution time: about 7 days

    Importantly, the left guard to protect very sensitive place that is a tap (out much lower than our original tank)
    the cover is cut hole through which you can regulate the tap

    the cost of the set (Left + Right) 150 euro + shipping from Poland




    Unfortunately, at the moment I have only one photo of the cover on a motorcycle. Image quality is not very good but better this than none :-)

    Yellow trace on the cover it's still not quite cured glue where the customer glued to the tank - guard glued with auto glass glue (yellow Wurth)