KTM SMC690R Akra exhaust

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Hi there,
    I fitted my SMC690R model 2012 with a new Akrapovic slip on exhaust, the one recommended by KTM 76505099000 and the mechanic installed a map and had it running for 15 minutes...the whole thing.
    Problem is whenever I ride without the silencer the motor stalls randomly while I apply the clutch to change gear (especially at lower gears but not only) or when riding between cars at heavy traffic or entering a corner.
    It does not stall when the silencer is on but it does not operate very smoothly at low speeds either.
    Are there several maps for this purpose or just one and only?
    Can I get the details/name of such map so I can direct my mechanic to it?
    I have to say I'm pretty new to KTM bikes (I had a Suzuki DR650SE converted to supermoto before this bike) so I don't really know if this non smooth operating is normal or not.
    Thanks in advance for any insight on the matter,