KTM SMT, BMW R 1200 GS, or Ducati Multistrada dillemma?

Discussion in 'Land of the Rising Sun: ADV Bikes from Japan' started by Krazyjohnny, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Beginning to look at an upgrade from my Yamaha FZ-6. I have ridden the offerings from Honda and Yamaha for touring bikes and they are both way heavy and if I am going to go that heavy I might as well get a Gold Wing. I looked at the new Duc 1200 S and really like the feel of it. I also was able to look at the BMW R 1200 GS (125HP model). evidently there is another one that has 15 less HP WTF!. Anyway, I have sat on the KTM 990 SMT and I currently love my KTM 530 EXCR. The bike will mainly see road duty commuting and going on long weekend trips. I really like the look of the luggage on the Duc vs. the KTM and BMW. All of the electronic whiz bang stuff on the Duc scares me a bit. Especially after reading about the problems some folks have had here. Really do not want to end up with something problematic that will spend more time in the shop than with me. I plan to get on the KTM in the next week and then ride them all again. I really love the Hydraulic clutch on all of these bikes.
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    I went trough a similar process recently. Did not look at the GS, but loved the SMT when I sat on it, light, small, perfect for my daily commute. Went to test ride it, did absolutely nothing for me. I was really disappointed because I read so many reviews of people who loved the SMT. So I went to test it a second time....... Still nothing. Then I tested the Multistrada. Bloody awesome. I got the standard model without the electronic suspension, because it was at the very limit of what I was willing to spend. I love it, love it, love it. I have done nearly 3,000km in the 6 weeks I have had it, and it is awesome, would not change it for any other bike. Light, easy to ride in traffic, crap loads of power, and then some!!!
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    i have a multi 1200s. I think you must decide what do you want do to with a bike.
    Long run : the GS is spectacular. My father had the 2011 model and i divre it for 3.000 km in 3 days...perfect german bike but...i dont do 3.000 km in 3 days all the week end.
    SPORT : about KTM , i don't know the new 1250 model, i try the 990 and was a spectacular motard - touring bike. Only the on-off when you play with the accelerator disappoint me. And not a lot protection from the plexy.
    MIDDLE WAY : the MTS is a super-motard-fun-comfort bike, he does not excel in all the category but you can do evething. Sport drive and comfort are both in this bike. Yes she has some characteristics, that someone call "defect" but for me is character...
    Ciao !