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    Hi everyone. Leaving this weekend to go pick up the bike in LA. Going to be riding up through CA, Oregon, and Washington to Vancouver, and then across Canada to Toronto. Total time budgeted for the trip is 3 weeks.

    We'll get out of LA right away and head up to SLO for the night, and then spend a few days in the Monterey/Big Sur area. After that it's a few days in the Bay area visiting a few friends.

    Next stage is a night in Napa or Sonoma. Anyone know a good place to stay that isn't $500 a night?

    After that we've got several days to make our way up to Vancouver. We'd like to stop in Portland, but other than that, we'll go where the road takes us.

    Please feel free to offer advice on good riding roads, or nice places to stay, along any part of that route. We have some ideas, but we're keeping it loose.

    The final stage of the trip is the slog across Canada. We are budgeting a week for this, so we'll have to keep on the move. But I'm interested in recommendations for good riding roads, "must-see" places, or recommended accommodations.

    We'll be two-up, so although I'm going to enjoy nice riding roads, I have to make sure to include plenty of relaxing and entertaining stops for my wife.

    If you guys can give me some advice on roads to ride or some nice, economical, but attractive places to stay anywhere along that route, please post it up.

    The obvious ride will be the coast road up through Big Sur. But north of San Francisco I'm sure there are several good options, and I'd be particularly interested in good rides through the Pacific Northwest.

    Similarly, there are likely dozens of great rides through the Rockies between Vancouver and Calgary. Recommendations?

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    sorry I missed this earlier. How was the trip? Any must see places you noticed?