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    Jul 25, 2009
    nice warm bike riding COTTONWOOD ARIZONA...
    thought i had posted about my crash but search showed i didnt....

    started out at ROBERTS in prescott valley..
    bout 15 of us or so....
    head up mingus, me leading
    me and kid on R1 are the fastest so we do our thing and stop at the big look-out just outside jerome...
    guy rolls in and asks if we are with the big group of bikes... tells us one went down..
    bout that time we see the ambulance coming around the corner..
    follow the ambulance to the accident scene..
    doesnt look bad so we keep riding and finally pass the rest of the group...
    turn around and go back to scene..
    kid didnt make corner on his zx6 , bent rim and popped tire so no riding off the hill....
    no insurance/reg/license/etc. so they tow his bike,
    come to find out the kid on the other R1 just got it after riding his EX500 for a year :eek1 . he went down at the beginning of the corners and rip his knee open, they bandaged him up best they could and he went home..
    this kid on the zx 6 was #2...
    so the rest of us head down to jerome for lunch....(6 of us, the rest went home)
    we finish lunch and my bud is asking where are we going now... i was like the day feels off and im just gonna go home.... the others agree and i figured what the hell ill ride over the hill to the flats then come back and go home...
    so we get ready and take off towards mingus...
    get caught behind 3 minivans doing like 20mph...
    get out side of town and onto the straight along the ravine..
    i take off and get past 2 of the vans when i see the jeep , i roll into it harder and jump in front of the first van...
    at that time my mind goes TOTAL NEWBIE and i TARGET FIXATE on the trail that leads off the side of the road towards the hill... i remember thinking "oh lookie someone else has already made a trail for me"
    and off roading i went at 60mph+
    i remember thinking "there are rocks in this grass so i better stand up so that i go over the bars when/if i hit one..."
    bout the time i stand up i get pitched to the left and land in the road, forearm first, then to my back....
    lay there for 30-45seconds getting my breath back
    my bud comes up as im yelling "STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID" at myself and cursing at myself for being a moron... all i had to do was look thru the corner and push on the bar like ive been telling all the newbies i ride with..:deal
    i could tell i had some rash on my hip and that my forearm was gonna be painful but the adrenaline was pumping so it didnt bother me to much..YET....:huh
    make sure everything is moving and tell my bud get me up.. he helps me up and i turn around to my bike already sitting on the road...(he got it out of the grass for me right away)
    i stand up and look back towards jerome to see about 15-20 cars sitting i a row waiting on me.....
    i get on bike, fire it up , and start riding back towards jerome...
    the wreck twisted my damper mount around so now the damper rod is hitting my big rad in the corner.. going fast was no big deal but slow riding sucked...
    get back thru town and just down the hill and pull over...
    the guy on the aprillia brutali comes by and we talk a second.. i ask if hes got any tools.. the only tools on that bike are ALLEN WRENCHES.. exaclty what i needed to move my damper mount...
    as im getting the mount back in place i hear the sirens go off...
    i get the mount fixed and head on down the hill...
    get to the bottom at the big 180 corner and pass the state cop as hes coming up.. he flips around and pulls me over 1/4 mile down the road..
    we talk and he gets my info. another cop shows up and we talk...
    the 2nd cop comes back and tells me no ticket cause "ya F*(KED your bike up and you F*(CKED yourself up so lesson learned" plus i didnt involve anyone else...THANK GOD...
    so i get home and bikes not that bad really . destroyed the tail,grab handles, exhaust.. didnt touch any other plastics/carbon fibre parts..
    as for me... well the pics will show what i got beat up...
    all healed now but THANK GOD for my PTA wife that got my arm back working way faster than if i hadnt done anything with it...
    HIP JEANS RASH/ROAD RASH - jeans didnt have a scratch on them.. road burn really.... we did go get some x-rays on my elbow/arm and ribs.. the armor in my jacket did its job 100%.. left a armor shaped bruise on my arm for a few weeks but nothing rib was cracked by my arm when i landed.. :cry
    heres a link to the album...

    ok so i ride that hill (158 corners in 12 miles YA BUDDY) about everyday .... i have yet to see that run off spot .. the only way i found where i crashed was to WALK BACK along the road and find my broken parts... there was a perfect path going off road and i found the only big ass rock that wasnt gonna move with my front tire/rim.... if i had missed that big rock i would have kept going at 60mph+ and ended up right back on the road without a scratch.... lol
    my bike today....
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    Jan 6, 2009
    nice looking bike...
    I want to read your story but.... it's too hard to read like this...
    especially when it's so long...
    why put in all the extra effort... to type it in a crazy format that makes it so..
    annoying to read? ... are you a poet?
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    Jul 25, 2009
    nice warm bike riding COTTONWOOD ARIZONA...
    im a poet and didnt even know it.... :lol3

    really how i wrote is the easiest way to explain it...

    ill make it simpler for ya...

    met up with buds for group ride in PV
    r1 kid and i are faster so we get to look out
    guy pulls up and tells us one of our group fell down
    we see ambulance
    we follow ambulance
    we see accident scene and keep riding to find others in group
    others pass us
    we turn around
    we stay at accident scene for a bit
    some go home, others go to jerome to eat
    we eat
    we go outside to bikes and figure out if we are still going for a ride
    i dont really want to but decide to do one last trip over hill and back
    we leave jerome
    i pass 3 slow poke vans
    i go newbie and crash
    land on ground with wind knocked out of me
    i cuss myself out while laying on ground
    buddy gets me up
    bike is on road
    i get on bike
    i start bike
    bike steers funny cause crash moved damper mount
    damper rod hits rad
    i get out of town and stop
    guy on aprillia stops
    i get tools to fix bike from aprillia guy
    i fix damper mount
    i go down hill and cop pulls me over
    2nd cop shows up
    no ticket cause i jacked myself and the bike up
    i get home
    i go to hospital to get x-rays
    nothing broken
    wife fixes arm over a few months time
    bike is all fixed for about $500 thanks to used parts on
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    Nov 15, 2011
    Concord, CA
    Man I just rode that section a few times last month. Must have been something in the air that day for all that drama to have occurred on just 1 ride.

    Glad you and the others are ok.
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    Jan 6, 2009
    At least the cop had a heart. Glad you and the bike are mended.
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    Feb 25, 2009
    nuevo mexico
    poetically spoken, bro.....:lol3