Labor-Day weekend

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    I am planning on going to Spokane over the Labor-Day weekend to visit my girlfriend (internship at Shriner's...) and during my last visit that way I learned that about 20 miles from her house, there is a 600 acre ORV park...yes, 600 acres. If you have a liscence plate, then you are good to go. If you bike is dirt only then you need current ORV tabs.

    I am thinking of doing a true "dual sport" tour that weekend. I will be riding either HWY2 or HWY20 (probably 20 becasue I did 2 last time) all the way into Spokane. I will then be picking up the lady and camping in the state park a few miles away from the ORV area. I then plan on riding in the dirt...a lot. And then when I am done with all the dirt and camping I will ride home...either on 2 or 20.

    This ORV area will be fine for GS from what I have seen. I would rate it as "moderatly GS challenging" There are a number of 4x4 trails for stuck pickup trucks so I would think a GS can handle any of that just fine. I have never explored this place so I think it will be a great opportunity to just bump around in the woods. It might be a bit busy because it is a semi-major holiday weekend but that's OK because that is just more people to find us if we get lost haha. If it's too overwhelming then we can just explore around the area, there are a bunch of cool gravel roads out there.

    I will be running street tires because of all the street riding, I might change my gears for the dirt (easy to do) just to make it easy on my clutch. From what I have seen, it would be fun to somewhat challenging on a GS and just fun on thumper.

    The ORV area is in "River-Side State Park" and I have talked to a few people who say it is a great place to teach kids how to ride in the dirt becasue it is fairly wide open and smooth.

    I will be doing this regardless but I am posting up to see if there is any interest so that I can bend my schedual around anyone who wants in. I think this is a Perfect KLR ride. 300miles street, camp, all the dirt you want, camp, dirt again or head back. I will probably be in Spokane for 3 or 4 days depending on who wants in and when they are free. I can leave as early as Wed and Stay until Monday.

    Ready, talk amongst yourselves.

    PS- I heard something about some Superhero having the first 3 weeks of Sept off...and this is a prefect KLR ride...and there is a river for washing bikes...
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    I would but we're goin' to Oregon....