Las Vegas Dual Sport Ride 3-17-2013

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    This Sunday several of us are going to take advantage of this amazing weather and do a ride out to Logandale. I know a few months back many M2W riders expressed interest in doing this ride since they had never even been there before.

    Ride report here,

    Depending on who goes, we could even stop at Anniversary Mine on the way there to check it out for those who haven't been. (or we could ride straight through)

    The plan:
    -Meet at Chevron at 1395 E Lake Mead Dr (Lake Mead and Athens)
    -Stands up at 9AM
    -Ride up North Shore Rd to Overton/ Logandale
    -Grab breakfast if the group feels like it
    -Ride the trails and dunes for a couple hours
    -Fuel range needed ~90 miles between fill ups
    -There is a $10 fee to enter Lake Mean National Park unless you have a season sticker
    -Those coming from the north side of town: we can meet at the North Shore/ Lake Mean Blvd turnoff if you want.

    For those that would like to truck or trailer their bikes there, we can arrange a meeting/ staging spot. There is plenty of parking near the trails.