Las Vegas, NV to NY early March

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    Need some local knowledge on this trip that I am doing in early March. I am leaving from Las Vegas, NV on March 2 and have to be back in NY for surgery on March 10. This does not leave any time for weather delays. I was planning on staying on the southern route and I have a few places along the way to leave the bike and fly home if necessary. I have a friend in Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Orlando and Charlotte. If I need to leave the bike and fly home I can do it at these locations and fly back in a month or so when I am all good. I also can rent a Uhaul put the bike in the back for a a day or so. My question is what I can see that is along my route. I want to see Monument Valley regardless of the timeframe. I would like to see the Grand Canyon but was told that that is not possible on 2 wheels at that time of year. My surgery is not anything life threatening, it is only to get my hearing back in my right ear but I need to be there. I have never seen anything west of Texas and would like some suggestions that would be along this route. Thanks for any info.
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    My advise to you (seeing as how no other lazy fucktard could be bothered!)
    is to get a map of the USA & look at the places you have mentioned.:deal

    They are nowhere near each other, & if you wanted to do them all you would need twice as long!

    Also, try for local info on Las Vegas
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    In August I took the 70 to 80 across. Took 5 days but one day there was partying in Cincinnati.

    Out in Utah you can spend at least a day. A lot to see there.

    If you take the southern route you can see Barber in Alabama and then the Dragon.

    For March the South Rim of the Grand Canyon could be possible. Check weather. Route 66 is pretty good for some rural Arizona action. I have not seen it East of there but you can run south out of Las Vegas and catch Route 66 and head to the South Rim. My suggestion is to catch it near Bullhead City, AZ so you can see Oatman, AZ.

    Just saw it for the first time last weekend. Beautiful area.

    As EltonAve suggested, grab an Atlas and plan it out. You can't go wrong. If you end up on the 40 it may be a little cooler.

    FYI, the west and south rim of the canyon are open year round. North rim closes during winter.
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    Ill be running back in the same time frame from Los Angeles area so if it works we could knock out some high mileage days together.. pm your cell and we can talk