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    Aug 30, 2008
    I've only managed to get my V-Strom into the dirt once since I bought it 8 months ago, so it was time to make something happen. I linked up with some fellow V-Stromers out by Fern Ridge Reservoir just west of eugene. Maps and GPSs were consulted, and we decided on a big loop through the mountains to the west, with more than one unknown road in our itinerary.

    I've never ridden into the coast range on back roads, and was awed. After linking up thin highways named for their closest post-office sized towns (Territorial Hwy, Alsea-Deadwood Hwy, etc) and cutting past Alsea Falls, we started to climb up Lobster Creek Road. From there, it only got better. Single-lane pavement gave way to gravel, barely wide enough for a car in some places. We picked the larger gravel roads as we progressed, and managed to avoid getting lost that way. Nothing was well marked, but a map and any sense of location went a long way (not to mention 2 GPSs).

    Only once did we REALLY have to stop and talk over where we needed to go. Don't be deceived by the paved bridge; it was the only blacktop for miles, and the first flat spot in awhile!


    Next time we'll make a weekend of it and get off onto the really small BLM roads. Apparently there's a few springs and ponds worth finding back in there. I'll get more pics next time, too!
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    Yes, more pics next time :deal