Latin America Flea Market/Vendors Link Thread******READ FIRST POST******

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by PhilSpace, Sep 25, 2009.

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    At Bananaman's request, we are going to try something that should be beneficial to all.

    For sale or wanted to buy threads should still be posted in the Flea Market forums, but understanding the issues regarding shipping, customs and taxes, we would like to use this thread to allow you to advertise your items locally in the Latin American forum by posting a link to the ad in the flea market as a post in this thread.

    The rules are simple:

    Everybody gets one shot to promote their wares or wanted ad here with no chatter or 'bumps" in this thread. If you see it and you are interested, either respond by PM or post in the original thread in the Flea Market.

    Try to keep you post short, with maybe a one line summary and the actual link to the post in the Flea Market.

    This is not a place for vendors to advertise their services, those posts must still go in the Vendors forum.

    We are going to "sticky" this for a while and see how it goes, and if it takes, we will remove the sticky, since it shouldn't need it and will hopefully be self managing.
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    Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation in Antigua Guatemala

    We are a small quality bed and breakfast that offers a 50% discount to touring riders arriving from outside of Central America. For $25 dollars you can have a double room (one room has twin beds) with a hearty delicious breakfast, great views, internet middle room bed.JPG and secure parking. Casa Elena is located at 14.562925,-90.726297. We are about a 15 to 20-minute walk to the Central Square. Come spoil yourself for a few days at a great price.

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    Contact in Lima - Peru

    Hi Riders, my name is Felipe Miranda. I´m the owner of a moto garage in Lima - Peru. We are a point of reference in Peru for all the moto riders.

    We offer maintenance, storage for the bikes (for months or weeks), spare parts, tires, jackets, gloves and all that you need for your trips. We receive all the motorcycle brands and models, and we can make the arrangements with you previously to your arriving to Lima, in order to have your stuff ready, and more.

    The name of the shop is Motos del Peru
    Address : Av República de Panamá 5329, Surquillo
    City : Lima - L34
    Country : Peru
    email :
    Phone : +511 993464991
    GPS coordinates: 12º 7' 2.59" S - 77º 1' 5.66" O
    Schedule: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Saturday from 8am to 4pm

    Find us in Facebook under the name of "Motos del Peru".

    Also we can help you with the hotels with garage for your bikes.

    See you soon and drive carefully.

    Felipe Miranda
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    Nov 25, 2016
    Bariloche, Argentina

    Argentine license plate

    Suzuki V-Strom 650

    2005 19K odometer

    Perfect condition

    Recently serviced chain, sprockets, tires, oil, plugs, etc.

    Skid-plate & luggage racks + top case

    For who:

    1) The rider who wants to explore Patagonia in multiple visits and not hassle with transport.

    2) The rider who wants to explore Argentina at your leisure (without worrying about vehicle tourist visa renewal) and possibly sell the bike once you are done and recover the investment

    3) The rider who is relocating down here and does not want to deal with ALL of the legality.

    Contact me @

    Price for ADV rider members: 11K green backs (170669 Argentine pesos)

    To all those who may feel inclined to scoff at the price, you have no idea what you are criticizing.

    In fact, I am advertising this bike locally for significantly more. All vehicles in Argentina are ridiculously priced due to the countries tax laws.

    Furthermore, for ADV rider members I will throw in bran-new Sidi race boots US mens size 11 and an Icon Helmet, flat-black. ADV rider members will also have the possibility purchase via a simple transfer to my US bank account if you don’t wish to travel down here with 11K in your pocket (anything more than 10K must be declared and many people rather not advertise what they are traveling with).

    Ps. This IS rider heaven down here. Its bat-shit crazy riding wherever you go.

    Title transfer can be done in a day & the bike is currently prepped and sitting in storage. I’m down here ready to assist in every way possible. Cheers y’all!
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    Klim Adventure Air Jacket (XL). Jacket is currently with me in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, but I'll be heading back to Canada at the end of the month. Jacket is in like new condition, no damage, no stains, no rips, no tears, no scuffs, etc. Freshly laundered and ready for a good home. Retails for $1,299 US, selling for $845 US shipped in Mexico, CON USA or Canada. Will also trade for a size L in the same jacket in the same excellent condition.

    I purchased this jacket off another inmate without being able to try it on and its just too big for me. For reference I'm around 5'9", average build but with a bit of a belly from too many bacon sandwiches!

    Here is a link to my Flea Market ad with all the full details, specifications and photos: