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    *Por favor vea las instrucciones en Espanol de abajo*

    In an effort to ease the exchange of information around bike shipping we are creating an index thread that will help connect inmates and prospective shippers.

    Here's how it works:

    1 - Shippers - if you are in the business of shipping or any of it's related endeavors you will start a thread in the VENDORS forum here detailing the services you are offering. Once you've established a thread in Vendors you can link it to this thread.

    2 - Inmates (not in the business of shipping) - if you are a member of the forum and have a need to sell a space or other service you purchased previously you will start a thread in the appropriate Flea Market sub forum here. Once you've established a thread in the Flea Market you can link it to this thread.

    Please do not post in this thread unless you are adding a link in one of the above 2 scenarios. Remember, this thread is intended to get information out to people. Think about that when you are about to post here. If you want to have a conversation with the shipper or member selling shipping space do so within the Vendor or Flea Market threads.


    If your item sells or expires or whatever, delete it. Keep the place tidy, it makes it easier to find information.

    This is a community effort, spam, excessive commentary, and old undeleted posts will clutter the thread up quickly which is defeating the purpose here. All posts not meeting the criteria above will be deleted. We reserve the right to abandon this practice if members continually ignore the rules.


    Instrucciones Y Reglas en Español aquí, POR FAVOR LEER ANTES DE HACER UNA PUBLICACIÓN

    En un esfuerzo por simplificar el intercambio de información referente al flete de motos desde y hacia Latinoamérica, se ha creado esta sección a manera de índice que ayude a los miembros del foro a comunicarse con los entes que puedan prestarles el servicio.

    Como funciona:

    1. Empresas de Transporte: Si Ud. Está en el negocio de transporte o cualquiera de sus actividades relacionadas, deberá iniciar un publicación en el sub-foro VENDORS aquí . En el contenido de esa publicación, Ud podrá explayarse con todos los detalles que desee en lo referente a los servicios que ofrece su empresa. Una vez hecho esto, podrá publicar aqui en el tema “Latin America Shipping Index” con el link a su publicación en la sección VENDORS (únicamente el link)

    2. Miembros del Foro: (aquellas personas que no están en el negocio de los fletes). Si Ud es un miembro del foro y está en la necesidad de ofrecer un espacio para transportar una moto o algún otro servicio relacionado que fuera contratado previamente por Ud mismo, primero deberá hacer una nueva publicación en la sección FLEA MARKET aquí. Una vez hecho esto, podrá hacer una publicación aquí en “Latin America Shipping Index” con el link a su pubicación en la sección FLEA MARKET (únicamente el link)

    Para hacer una pubicación en “Latin America Shipping Index” Ud deberá estar en una de las dos categorías enumeradas arriba. Pedimos el favor de que al momento de hacer una publicación, solo la haga si se encuentra dentro de una de las dos categorías detalladas arriba y únicamente publique el link correspondiente. Recuerde que esta sección tiene como objetivo facilitar el intercambio de información útil, piense en eso al momento de hacer su publicación. Queremos evitar que este tema se llene de conversaciones irrelevantes para terceros, así que si necesita contactar la empresa transportista o al miembro que ofrece un servicio, por favor no lo haga aquí, hágalo en el sub-foro donde está publicada la información detallada, ya sea VENDORS o FLEA MARKET.


    Si el servicio que Ud está ofreciendo ya no existe o si ya logró enviar su moto al destino que deseaba, por favor borre su link. Ayúdenos a mantener este tema ordenado de manera que la información válida sea fácil de encontrar.

    Este es un esfuerzo comunitario. El spam, los comentarios excesivos dentro de una publicación y /o las publicaciones caducadas que no fueron borradas, abarrotarán el tema lo cuál hará que pierda su valor. A nadie le gusta leer cientos de páginas buscando dos renglones con la información que necesita.

    Todas las publicaciones que no cumplan con los criterios aquí especificados, serán borrados por un moderador. Nos reservamos el derecho a eliminar esta sección si vemos que los miembros no respetan las reglas de pubicación.
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    Chile included, loading, Customs
    U.S. included, Houston UnLoading, Ocean Freight , Customs .


    Contact us immediately for cost and planning
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    Contact SamericaXplorer for your shipping needs to the U.S.
    Go to first page , top thread.
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    DakarMotos, All my research says these are the people to deal with in Buenos Aires. They have good hearts, they are knowledgeable, honest and hard working. Below are two consecutive emails I received from them about 6 months ago, in November of 2015.

    The second email was clarification on some questions I had from the first email. I included the emails, unedited; in case my summarized interpretation is not accurate…you can check the originals and decide for yourself.

    My question was, what are the charges by DakarMotos for getting my bike from customs after having it shipped by air TO B.A. From the U.S.A. note: the timing for trip changed so I am now riding down in the fall and will ship the bike back using DakarMotos as my agent for all the paperwork and crate building etc…. Their correspondence does not address the fees for their assistance as the ship out agent. Their fees as described below are for the Receiving Agent work. Also, prices quoted were from November 2015 and they have probably changed now. In mid December 2015, the new Argentine government removed controls on the Peso and have allowed it to float in the international exchange market. It went from 10 pesos per US dollar to 13 Pesos per Dollar in one day and has had a steady climb to 15.75 at the end of Feb and now it’s declining at about the same rate with current price at about 14 to 1.

    First 2 items below in US dollars to Receive a bike shipped into B.A.

    $250.00 DakarMotos Fee for all the legwork, forms, runaround etc…to get bike out of customs and into my possession. We go together to complete the bureaucratic procedures and I am there to sign documents.

    $600.00 Local Airport and customs handling fees for package weighing less than 350 Kilos or 770 lbs. This is unloading from the plane and transport to whatever facilities and processes it needs to go through including uncrating where it is finally picked up by the owner. (quote in email below is 6,000. Pesos when the exchange rate was 10 to 1.)

    50/day Storage fee per day. Dollars or Pesos? It was not specified. I think it’s dollars because it seems like the other prices are at a “U.S.A. scale” pricing level.

    120/mo Pesos. Liability insurance to operate motorcycle in Argentina. This is $12/month when the exchange was 10 pesos per dollar. This covers/includes countries that border Argentina. This is an additional cost not included in the $250 fee paid to DakarMotos. Dakar Motos can sell you this insurance or you can get it somewhere else.

    $000.00 Reciprocity fee with U.S.A. Used to be $160.00 because that is what the U.S.A. charges Argentine citizens to enter the U.S. on a tourist visa. On March 24, 2016 this fee has been “suspended” per Argentine Embassy statement here:

    The suspension was good will to Americans for O’Bama’s visit to Argentina. At any point in time, this could be un-suspended.


    Follow-up or 2nd email from DakarMotos.

    Hi Tim

    Maybe we weren’t clear enough but most were there on the email.

    For Customs Clearance Assistance services at arrival to Buenos Aires our fees for this by now is U$D 250.- (American Dollars) per bike, local cargo charges and the local insurance are not included.

    Local charges at the airport by now are in around ARG$ 6.000.- (Argentinean Pesos) per bike depending of volume/weight and storage time until it be cleared.

    This is some to the airline local office for documentation of your cargo. Then the rest payment is to the airport for managing the unloading, storage, verification, open the packing and disposal, and more docs. They have a fee for under 350Kgs cargo and over it are 100 box more, each day your bike wait you there you pay around +50. Of course they don’t work on Sat, Sun & Holidays so be sure your bike doesn’t arrive before you and not on a Fri, Sat or before a Holiday to pay as minimum as possible.

    Also there is why we advise on that that the crate should not be heavy or better to use just a pallet with the bike wrapped in plastic as part of the local charges is by the weight.

    You will be there at all the process with our help and will ride the bike out of the airport to where ever you like, there will be no needs after it to come to DakarMotos apart of a social visit or something else you could need.

    The mentioned Insurance is just the 3rd party liability one that is mandatory here for any vehicle that rolls on streets and roads but isn’t a medical one (that’s not required). This insurance we can issue cost by now ARG$ 120.- by months and cover you in Argentina, all bordering countries plus Peru. All the other countries further north you will have to get it on the spot, but usually as here are easy and very cheap.

    Regarding the bike expenses thats all, only bear in mind that regarding when you wanna come prices here could change a lot, more the ones in Argentinean Pesos.

    About yourself you could maybe have to pay more money for personal visas or reciprocity fees to most of the countries that demands expensive visas to locals to go to US.

    Hope we have answered all your doubts. Keep us update.

    We will be waiting forward for your visit in Buenos Aires!!! ;)

    Ride Safe, Ride Far & Regards


    Initial email from DakarMotos:

    Hi Tim

    We manage travelers vehicles freight (more focused on bikes) but only from Buenos Aires where we DakarMotos are based to anywhere on the world without much paperwork and making it the least expensive and reliable mode of transport. Unlucky from here we can’t provide you with the transport for the way in.

    For shipping to Argentina our advice is to send it by plane, the procedures are faster, local charges are cheaper, and you will start your journey sooner and will spend less money in hotels or hostels and food waiting and going around for paperwork in Buenos Aires. By plane it will take, if everything goes well take just a day to clear it and by sea it will take around one week or more if the vessel has arrived on time to the port. We offer Customs Clearance Assistance services at arrival to Buenos Aires. Our fees for this by now is U$D 250.- (American Dollars) per bike, local cargo charges and the local insurance are not included.

    We use to ask travellers to send us scan copies of all documents needs in advance to be sure everything it´s ok. Local charges at the airport by now are in around ARG$ 6.000.- (Argentinean Pesos) per bike depending of volume/weight and storage time until it be cleared. By sea could be double or even a lot more.

    As Temporal Import permit is a personal paperwork bike´s owners must be present for the clearance even with our help. So our advice is that the bike should arrive at the same time than you or after to avoid paying a large amount of money in extra storage. As well that the crate isn’t heavy or better to use just a pallet with the bike wrapped in plastic as part of the local charges is by weight.

    For clearing a bike here you will need Passport, International Driving License (IDL) for the size of bike you will ride and bike Title/Registration in the name of the owner/rider (your name).

    About freight companies there in USA we don’t have anyone specific to recommend, our advice is contact any big airline there that gets here to BA and if they can’t do it directly ask them to point you into a forwarder. Could be Delta Airlines, United/Continental, LAN or Aerolineas Argentinas. We have received some bikes from USA from travelers who have used Schumacher Cargo Logistic without problems; maybe it is a good option to explore

    Hope we can help you. Waiting for your comments… Keep us update.

    We will be waiting forward for your visit in Buenos Aires!!! ;)

    Ride Safe, Ride Far & Regards

    Sandra & Javier…
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    I recently shipped my bike without any problems from Bogota to Miami using the excellent services of Lyncargo

    The bike was not crated , only shrink wrapped
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    As every year we have extensive shipping to South America, Chile , Argentina and other countries, but mainly to Chile and Patagonia region.

    Beginning September 2016 (South Bound ) up to March 2017 (North Bound)our offers cover Shared containers and RoRo shipments to these countries.
    Overland vehicles, motorcycles and part of our shipments during the high season at good rates.

    What we have:
    October- November -December 2016 (25 days arrival at destination)
    We are in charge of both origin and destination ports, Customs and documentation

    Consolidated crated cargo from Miami to West Coast S.A. ( Colombia-Ecuador-Peru-Chile)
    By weekly RoRo Service , from Port Everglades, Houston, Long Beach, Tacoma and other ports East USA to many ports in South America and Europe

    Contact us
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    Looking to ship from Ecuador to Germany in November 2016. Anybody arranging a container nearby during that time ?
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    Oct 6, 2016
    Need Help, I'm wanting to ship my bike to Chile early to mid january, does anyone have a company they can recommend. I've contacted SAmericaXplorer and got a quote, it's decent, I just want to compare with other companies. The quotes I've gotten so far from other companies has ranged widely and I'm thinking some of these companies are just trying to get rich quick. I've been quoted between $2100-$3800 for air and $1300-$2800 for Boat.

    Thanks for the help!
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    May 28, 2008
    SHARE CONTAINER MID December , 2016

    U.S. included, Houston Loading, Ocean Freight , Customs .

    Contact us
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    In March/April of 2017 I will need to ship a 1999 Honda XR650L from, hopefully, New Orleans to Costa Rica. It is insured, titled and tagged. I will be applying for pensioner resident status in CR.
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    Share container from Panamá to Colombia March / April 2017 ???
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    Ship your bike/motorbike from Panama to Cartagena!

    Hey guys!

    In Portobelo, Colon there's a sailboat heading to Cartagena!

    It's a 27m long sailboat (you'll appreciate its size in high seas! LOL) it's one of the biggests boats in the Caribbean! It has 21 beds, but is willing to leave with 6 ppl+motorbikes.

    - It will go straight from Portobelo to Cartagena!

    - It costs U$800 per person with motorcycle, all inclusive!!

    - Travellers with bikes or with no means of transportation are welcome too!! at a lower fare :)

    Please contact Francesco at +507 6739 1685 (he's got whatsapp!) or at . He'll give you all the info you need and will happily answer all of your questions!

    Safe travels!