LED Turn signal and Brake light upgrade

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    So My 990 is only 4 months old and I've already had to replace 2 of the turn signal incandescent Bulbs. :dood

    I know the heat and vibration has allot to do with the stock bulbs going out so soon, especially on the rear of the bike. I have been using LED's on all of my other rides (street and Dual Sports) since they became available a few years back and I love them because they put less load on the electrical system and if they are good quality they are moisture, heat and shock resistant.

    I was browsing through the local Pep Boys, in the "Speed Shop" section and I came across different colored LED's Made by "Pilot" that come in Amber, Red, Blue and White (1157's) they have a 50,000 hour guarantee too. So I bought three packs (two Amber and one Red) at $20 a piece.

    The alignment pins don't line up with the KTM sockets but if you snip off one of the Pins flush to the light case (I used a pair of electrician pliers) They fit very snugly and they obviously Work. Just be careful pushing them in so you don't break them when seating them and turning them to the "Lock" position. Make sure the copper tang is seated well on the center pin too.

    The Rear Brake light goes right in without snipping the pins.

    I like them; They work really well and are Bright as Hell with just a tad faster flash than the stockers but not "Hyper". And I did not have to alter the OEM look of the bike.

    Oh and That's not LED's on my Pannier rack Frames, it's actually some red reflective tape strips I found in the Hardware section at Home Depot that I cut and put on them that is reflecting the Amber light from the turn signals in "Hazard Mode"....a pretty cool unexpected "Benny".

    I think it's always a good Idea & better to be seen than regretful and sorry otherwise.


    Brake light pic; Sorry it's blurry but you can see that it is still Bright as all Hell.