1. youcanrunnaked

    youcanrunnaked Adventurer

    Dec 13, 2007
    Pembroke Pines, FL
    My misadventure on my ride from South Florida to Iowa to North Carolina to home is explained here:

    Looks like my clutch is finally repaired and I will be back on the road soon.

    I am still toying with the idea of visiting my older daughter in Charlotte, as there are two direct routes home, and the more easterly of the two takes me within 1 1/2 hours of Charlotte. On the other hand, she has started her new job, and I really should get home and follow up on my injuries with my doctor. (Oh, yeah. While staying with friends we went on a ride with their bikes, headed for the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. About a half hour into the trip, a dog ran directly across my way and I hit it broadside and wrecked. Among the injuries: broken knee cap. broken finger, rashed right hip, and sore everywhere.)

    Mapping Bonnieville, KY to Pembroke Pines, FL, Google Maps shows two routes: due south to I-75, and east-southeast to I-95. Either one is more hours than I can bear to do in one day. Would anybody here who is about half way along either route be willing to put me up for a night? I am a reasonably good house guest, and I have a few stories to tell.
  2. Dorito

    Dorito Dreamer and Doer

    Jul 31, 2010