Lets play a game, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier

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    So western NY may not be known for endless miles of dirt roads, but there is some great riding. Since there isn't really one perfect route, I figured I would steal an idea from Dirt Daze selfie tour and lay out a little scavenger hunt to get people inspired to ride and share what they find.

    The challenge is find all of the locations in the pictures and retake the photos with your bike in them (except for the couple that require getting off). All of the pictures are on legal roads. If you were to hit all of these as quick as possible it would be ~200miles and 6 hours of riding.

    The rules: Pics only have to be good enough to tell you were there. Getting there must be done on two wheels.

    Why bother? Really why wouldn't you. But to make it interesting there will be some sort of yet to be determined token prize for the first person to find them all.
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    The Pictures and better maps will be in the following 3 posts
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    Other posts? Or did I miss them? This starts in my backyard, so I'd love to see where it goes from there! Thanks.