Let's see what's in your....panniers

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    Hi all,
    I've been thinking about how best to load up the KTM panniers on my 950 adventure. Planning a few camping trips this summer and would really love to see how you guys pack up your panniers. Food in one, supplies in another? Clothes in one, tools in another? Pictures would be great.
    As a new KTM owner, I'm hoping to gain the wisdom of all of you, as I'm sure you guys have it all figured out! Long and short trips are all welcome.

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    It's not so much an organization feat as it is a weight balancing feat. Doesn't matter what you put in what side, so long it's equal weight. Obviously don't put a full fuel can in with your food (fuel cans shouldn't go in the panniers anyway, lol), so just get everything you think you want to pack and divide it into piles. One for the right pannier, one for the left pannier and the rest goes in tank bag/rear bag or box.

    You'll probably pack a bunch of stuff you think you need, but will never use. Don't worry... none of us knew what we needed to pack until we did a few trips. You will figure it out over time and remove things from your kit and add different things. The stuff I carry now for a 6 week trip is half what I would have carried 6 years ago for a 6 day trip, ;)

    Cheers and welcome to the land of Orange! It's fun here, :D