Let's Talk Scooter Detailing

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by DudeClone, May 6, 2011.

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    We gotta keep 'em clean, right? My scooter never sees water, but I do use a few cleaning products. Most of all I have to keep the black trim BLACK. And god knows a Kymco Agility is black first, and red, blue, or silver as an afterthought. In the US at least, my scoot is mostly black trim and flat black paint. Not good if you don't treat it right. Here is what I use to treat mine


    Works great, non greasy, better if not used on matte paint, but outstanding for dyed plastic trim and rubber. It's a cream so a little goes a long way, and it lasts more then a week. I think my first treatment is going on two weeks now, and a hidden patch I did is still blacker then what surrounds it. The rest of the scoot looks just as well. Will post pics possibly sometime soon.

    Just wipe on, wipe off, buff a little. That's it!

    Ok, so that is my one recommendation for now. What do you guys have to offer? Could be for anything from wheels to tires to paint and more. :D
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    Honda product for all the plastic parts (but not the windscreen):


    For the windscreen (and helmet visor):

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    Before the Vespa, my scooter detailing was riding in the rain. Maybe once a year I would wash it.

    The Vespa is new and black so, I've already washed it 2X and then "waxed" it with the Honda spray cleaner - looks great!

    Back when I had my Pacific Coast - which looks like a giant scooter - I would wash it once in a while and then just use Plexus to "wax" it. Plexus on the body, shield - everything. When I sold it the buyer asked me what I used to keep it so nice and told me it was the cleanest bike he'd ever seen. (Believe me, it wasn't). Point being that Plexus is great stuff and a quick wash then Plexus can keep your scoot looking pretty good with little effort.