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    Not sure if you've settled on a place yet, but have you considered co-packing? May not be the best route in the short term, but I know that's what Secret Aardvark does - they worked through Bell Foods International in Salem who let them do tiny runs - something around 10 cases /mo iirc). Might be a bit of overkill for a single run...

    But for commercial kitchens for rent, my wife has quite a bit of searching when she opened about 1 1/2 years ago (she has a raw foods business called Honey Mama's) and rents from here.
    She thinks there may be time open

    Another good local option is Kitchen Cru, they're in NW pdx. they are top notch and great

    And Dash is another one. think they are in NE pdx.

    Anyway, we head down to Hood River fairly often, usually ending up at 6th St. for lunch. Really love that place... (though lately we've been swayed to White Salmon to Everybody's). Anyway, will stop in the store when we do, hope to see your sauce there, or here in pdx…

    pm me if you want more info

    ha, and hi…*this here is post #1