Listening to music on the freeway

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    While I often listen to music in the car, I NEVER do it on a bike. Not only is it distracting, but for me it ruins the ride. I now wear earplugs for every ride, and have been for some time. I wish now I had been doing it longer. I never understood why someone would want to mess up a nice ride with music or any other audio.

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    If you want to listen to music on the freeway, Drive a cage.


    Noticed that too... Jerry is DAKEZ' fake noob? :rofl:rofl
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    I use satellite radio, through a radio shack volume know to a Boostaroo amp under my seat. I plug my headphones it to it and rock out.


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    I use a zumo550 with the external XM antenna. The 550 does not stream xm via Bluetooth, so I use a small Bluetooth trans. Works way better than it should.

    I think the new zumos have xm built in and stream via BT...

    I used to use car type xmradios...reception was lacking as well as durability. The zumo just works.
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    On longer trips when by myself I will wear my etymotic ear plugs and listen to music. The set I have is pretty low profile but blocks road/wind noise and sounds great at low volume. However, they no longer make this model, and the replacement model sticks out too far to use with a helmet. Mine still work great, but once they are done for I will have to search out something else. Sounds like a lot of people like Shure earbuds. Around town, I just throw in foam earplugs. Too much hassle to hook up the music when only going 10 minutes down the road.
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    I am trying to get these combo Headphones/Helmet approved by DOT and Snell but have been having difficulties. I don't see what their problem is.
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    I use a pair of Etymotics, ER6i's I think, plugged into my phone. They don't have good bass response, but they seal well and block out much of the wind noise. I can listen to my tunes at moderate volume.
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    Me too.
    Works pretty good with regular foam plugs also.
    Rarely listen to music on the bike...but the SMH10 works pretty good using my Galaxy Note as the source.
    I find that music relaxes me too much and slows me down.:eek1
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    I have the Scala Rider Q2 set, so have in helmet speakers in my FF helmet. I were ear plugs to reduce wind noise and have the volume set to where I hear the music but not always the lyrics, meaning, not very loud. I know the songs on my play list, so I can sing along if I want to even without hearing the lyrics. This way the music is not as much a distraction and I can hear outside noises like sirens or a car horn. Now that I have the KTM, instead of the K1200GT, I tend to not get on a freeway, but still like my music........
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    I tried helmet speakers long ago, found they worked about as good as I expected, which was not at all. Went through a couple cheap pair of in ears, then a couple pair of Ety's and have settled on custom silicone pair from Block most noise and can have them on all day. with every thread about these, always the "I don't need music, you shouldn't need it either" people.
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    I have an XM satellite radio receiver in my tank bag, and listen through ear buds under an HJC Symax flip front helmet. Works perfect for me on the ST. The receiver is powered through a 12 volt plug on the fairing.
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    I have the Sena SMH-5FM with the upgraded speakers in my Shoei Neotech. I bought it primarily for bike to bike comms, but have come to enjoy using it for wireless music. I link it via Bluetooth to my iPhone 5 and tell Siri to start and stop the music as required. The Sena jog dial allows me to easily control volume and select songs. I never thought I'd like riding with music, but I have come around to it. I think I like the speakers because they do not completely drown out all road/engine noise...I still feel like I can hear things around me. I also like that I can take/make phone calls, and with my Escort and GPS wired to the SM10, I can get radar warnings and voice directions as well. Pretty slick.
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    Ahhh, yeah. Nice contribution to the thread.:rolleyes
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    See my sig. That's why.:lol3
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    When I'm in the mood for tunes or podcasts, I just use my Sena SMH10. When paired with the set of earplugs, you don't have to crank the volume to ridiculous levels or anything to hear the music over the roar of the wind.
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    Actually wearing earplugs allows me to hear the music clearer and at a lower volume.

    I use the J&M elite heaset.
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    Some people just don't love music, and I feel sorry for them.
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    +1 Me too. The Shures can be found cheap and they work well.
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    XM satellite radio receiver on a Ram mount hard wired to bike.
    Output from XM receiver into an on/off toggle switch mounted in the front edge of the tank bag so if your buddy wants to say something at a stop light you can switch off the music and hear him, turn it on and down the road you go. This on/off switch will need six terminals, right left and ground, 3 for in and 3 for out (amazon) and a water proof boot over the toggle.
    From the on/off switch into a Boosteroo amp in the tank bag.
    From Boosteroo output to a connector to plug ear buds into that clips on the edge of the tank bag for easy access to plug in ear buds to get off the bike. You can plug the ear buds directly into the Boostaroo if you want. The Boostaroo turns on and off by plugging in the input wire.
    Koss ear buds with volume control, earplugs and music all in one, Walmart less than $30, easy volume control is a must. :nod

    I wear a scull cap to keep the helmet from pulling the ear buds out when you put on the helmet.

    The boosteroo uses AAAA batteries and will last two weeks of all day riding :D. This set up takes a bit of time to put together but doesn't cost much except for the XM subscription and receiver. It is portable so I can easily put it in the truck for road trips.
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    On the bike, only on long stretches of highway or interstate and I bought a Neckmike M3 that I have been using with my phone. I play music through Bluetooth so I can answer calls too. There several sizes of ear bud tips that come with the Neckmike and I think they cut down on the ambient noise enough that I never turn the music volume up past half way. I don't like the music too loud, just where I can hear it clearly.

    Previously I had a Rio MP3 player that I used for many years until it got broke in a crash.

    I was riding my ATC on some power line right-of-way when I caught a series of ruts; diagonally. I got tossed off the trike and landed pretty dang hard on my head (wearing a helmet, not just a mullet), enough to disorientate me for a bit. I was hearing a sound like a stuck horn, but I was confused because my ATC doesn't have a horn. I couldn't figure it out, so I started walking over to the trike to shut the horn off (I hit my head pretty hard). I finally realized the sound was coming from the ear buds because the Rio I had clipped on my side, had got smashed and was making the noise.