Local (Everett) moving help (paid) wanted - this weekend (8-27/28)

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    I advertised in the Flea Market thread, but no locals to Everett responded (you guys in Oregon - I will use you when I get my pod down there - I can't see you driving 4 to 6 hours to Everett to work 4 to 8 hours and I have no accommodations for you either).

    Anyway, what I need are two strong backs (weak minds optional) - maybe someone local is needing a little extra cash? I will pay the going rate (seems to be $30 per hour).

    I have some big heavy things I need to move out of my duplex and into a Pod. A captains bed, heavy oak bookcases, industrial workbench, and such. Once we get going it shouldn't take too long.

    Sorry for the short notice, but I had to schedule it this way due to work. I am in Everett today and tomorrow, then I will be back next Friday for the labor day weekend. I would prefer to get the big heavy things in first then I will be packing in boxes as I pack them up - I can do most of those myself.

    What I need to do today is get moving blankets, rope, plastic wrap and such for the big things first before I start moving them. So I am not quite ready yet - I am hoping that I will be able to get that stuff at Harbor Freight or someplace real quick this AM and then start moving stuff.

    I called a moving helper place yesterday but have not heard back. If I get no hits here by the time I am ready (hopefully next couple of hours after HF opens) then I will call another place.

    Just thought I would throw this out on the slim chance somebody would need the work locally and would be available today or tomorrow. I do need TWO people - these things can't be moved by one person and I have such a bad back I am barely walking right now so I can't help except to "supervise".

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