Lockyer Forest, QLD, Australia

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    Jun 20, 2008
    Matt and I met up at Ipswich Rd for the 90 odd kms out to Gatton, fuelled up and headed into Lockyer State Forest. We managed to find our way straight up to the old natural terrain MX track, but it has suffered badly due to no use, I couldn't even do a whole lap due to trees down and the track overgrown, so we continued on down the fire roads until we reached Bartleys Rd, it turned to tar so we back tracked and ended up where we started, it was about a 40km loop, and one I will be doing again (although maybe backwards). From there I said I knew one or two little tracks that I'd show him, so off we went, when we got there I took the wrong turn off and we did another loop of snotty shitty rock infested crap, I hit 2 trees and dropped the big fat pig twice, needless to say this was all in a approx 2km drop into a valley, I started to worry about how we were going to get out, I think Matt did as well, but luckily there was a relatively easy way out, but we did rest up for quite a while when we finally got out. From there we just rode fire trails again as it was a little warm. We then decided on some other tracks to explore, but are leaving them to next time.
    Left the forest and headed back toward the Hwy only to find it chockers with trucks, all heading to Gatton. Apparently its the "lights on the Hill" gathering (or something similar), and its to pay respects to the truckies that have died on the roads over the years, it was trucks down the hwy as far as you could see, it was incredible.
    Just to finish the moment off, some idiot (we think he may have been drunk) stops in front of us, gets out and has a piss on his rear wheel, then nicks off (he was the passenger), I was a little dumbfounded as he had just come out of a servo/maccas, it takes all types I guess.
    Then it was a wonderful 90 butt hardening kms back home, dont know how Matt did it on a WR250F..........

    All up only about 280kms.

    Figure thats about it, Matt might have some more to say.......

    at the MX track area


    Matt going at a hill


    and that was it

    only one photo and one vid, as we had too much fun riding