Longterm Bags Connection Tankbag Users: Any issues?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by LoneStar, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. lhendrik

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    I have a GS bag on my GSA. After 3-4 years it is faded. The main access zipper has crapped out. I plan to get the zipper replaced and use the bad some more. I want to get the newer EVO GS to replace this, but I went and bought a nice used BMW GS bag that has the old stretch band crappy mount but look pretty and now I'm invested on that for a while, but will probably use the Engage bag again once my local luggage repair/shoe repair guy puts in a new zipper.

    The mount system works great, as intended, a bit stiff to get on and off when overstuffed as it always is at gas stops, etc.

    I tried the electrical ring, but screwed it up when I though the relay wasn't working, and i don't think the little pins are worth much. I now have an SAE wire coming into the bag through a powerlet port and that works great for charging lots of stuff at the same time, like iPhone, iPad and even my Sena when it runs down which is never.
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    The engage bag I had faded a little but quickly sagged and started making contact with the finish. I never packed it full, wallet and a bottle of water. It was the model that had the same contour as the tank, that is where it sagged. I went back to my Big Mack setup.:clap
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    What's the scoop? Why no likey?
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    Interested in selling? I've been wanting a City :deal

    I have an Engage now and concur with most of the comments...I love the system. I've had a little sagging with mine but I tend to overload it regularly (hence looking for a City for a little more capacity). It's been dead reliable and very well made. Faded but not worn. Great design that has made me hate straps.