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    Years ago I had a Garmin unit. I can't remember the model number. StreetPilot 26XX,27XX or 28XX.
    What I liked about it, was that I could input a percentage of types of roads that I wanted to travel on to my destination.
    I remember entering 10% highways and 90% small roads (or something like that) as an example.

    I would like to keep 2 units on my bike. My Zumo 660 and one of these older ones that do a better job of keeping me on rural roads.
    I recently did a 2700 mile trip with no Interstates.
    Even though I have shortest distance set as a navigation option on the 660, I would like to have been off more highways.

    Does anyone have an idea on the model(s) I'm talking about?
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    I believe that this is a function within MapSource. EDIT > PREFERENCES > Routing tab. The routing tab has a slider that lets you select the balance you like between "prefer minor roads" and "prefer highways" for when MapSource calculates your route.

    What I cannot attest to is what happens to that when you r route is uploaded to a GPS unit.

    I do have an old 2720 out in the Jeep. I will try to bring it in the house later and see if it has any sort of internal setting like this.
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    Since this new thread relates to your question asked in my Garmin ad (insert shamless plug here), I'll jump in with some comments. I still have the recently acquired SP2730 on the side table next to me (other SP units outside in vehicles or as spares).

    Routing "Preferences" as pertains to the OP question are set within the StreetPilot unit via this path;
    1)Settings/Navigation/Navigation Settings/Preference (Faster Time/Shorter Distance/Off Road)
    2)Settings/Navigation/Navigation Settings/Ask Preference (Yes/No)
    3)Settings/Navigation/Navigation Settings/Avoidance Setup/Major Roads (Avoid/Don't Avoid/Prefer)/Medium Roads (same choices)/Minor Roads (same choices)/Traffic (Avoid/Don't Avoid/U-Turns/Toll Roads/Carpool Lanes/Ferries/Unpaved Roads (all with same choices)

    All those should work "on-the-fly" using point-to-point routing (from where you are now to where you want to go) per chosen preferences. If you create a custom route in MapSource with multiple waypoints, then MS preferences should be set with same otherwise Garmin will recalculate with some deviations from that shown when viewed in the MS route directions. Actually, the Garmin unit will constantly recalculate once under way to account for route deviations or differences with map versions between the MS software version in your computer as well as mapping software version in your Garmin unit. So long as the GPS acts as a guide rather than "know it all", you should keep on course as planned. Bottom line, don't do like the late James Kim did by taking a GPS "shortcut" to the Oregon Coast 6 yrs ago: http://www.kimtragedy.info/