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    Thanks for the prayers and support. Marines love our Navy brethren, especially when we need a ride to the closest amphibious landing or when we need a corpsman! Thank the good Lord above for our Corpsman!!!

    Hey your thoughts are certainly encouraging on the 2007. I keep reading a lot about them and by the sounds of them they seem like great bikes. I like the GSA's over the GS's simply from the fact that I'm 6'4" and like the idea of the larger tank...both for extended range and a little added "fairing like protection" on the road. I think I've found the bike that I'm intereted in and once I can get CINChome to give me the all clear/wings level, I'm standing by ready to pull the trigger. I don't know when I'll get up to Vegas next but one of my MSgt's is from there and I might end up going home with him on a visit if I can talk him into a bike as well once we get back. I've only got about 3 months on the west coast after we return and I'd like to be able to put some miles on a new bike over CA, AZ, UT before I leave for the humid east coast in the summer.

    Thanks again and Semper Fidelis
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    Hey... I have a GSA and am going to Alaska next year...maybe...:lol3,,, Prior 3rd LAR guy here ('95-'99). Thanks for all you guys do and risk for us to sit on out fat asses here at home. I have had one GS and 2 GSA's and love them. My latest is a '12 GSA. Yes the GS is lighter, but there are some reasons to go for the GSA even if your not planning a fictitious Alaska trip. For most of us the majority of our mileage will be on the pavement. The increased fuel capacity is nice and like someone mentioned before, the tank does block a good amount of wind blast. If you get the adventure panniers (aluminum) they will hold up to a get-off better than the plastic GS cases, not to mention the engine guards are standard on the GSA. And of course lets be honest...it looks cooler, so the CDI factor (Chicks Dig It) is higher than the GS. :rofl You can usually find numerous clean and well farkled GSA's on this site in the fleamarket. I personally picked up my first 2 here on this forum. Great members....

    Semper Fi Brother...watch your six and keep your powder dry...
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    +1 on the panniers holding up pretty well when the old GSA wants to take a nap. :wink:
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    I wish! Chicks dig shiny things like chromed out Harley's for some reason. It's actually their husbands/boyfriends that stop me in a parking lot or gas station to tell me how much they like my bike. They say it looks like something out of a Mad Max movie.
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    I know. I blacked my whole bike out and went with a matt black finish. I guess it's just the Marine in me. Still don't seem to like things that are shiny and yell "shoot me first please!". My 8 year old son calls it the "Bat Bike"... :rofl
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    well here you go my ideas for what they are worth from this side of the pond.

    I currently have both a GS (ok an old 1100) and a 990.
    The GS is the best long distance tourer, the KTM is the better handling and quicker and most nimble.
    The GS has better gas milage, but not by much, the KTM is about the same if ridden in the same way, however it appreciates being ridden harder and is fun so you do, and the tank is much smaller, so less milage to the tank. However if you ride it like you would the GS at the revs of the GS then the gas milage is similar to the gallon, ok not quite as good but not far off.

    Your big problem is that the GS is to be replaced by the Water cooled one and the 990 by the 1190 so you will be looking at second hand for both.
    If you want to long distance tour most then the GS, if you want a bit of off road/dirt track then the 990.
    If you want to work on the bike yourself then get an older 1150 GS, it has "normal electrics" it is simple and easy reletivly cheap and you can find a good one with a selection of extras at a good price.
    The 990 is easy to maintain, but more time consuming, due to the way its put together, normal electrical system, but chain drive.
    The 1200 is easy to maintain for most jobs, however if the rear diff goes then its a workshop job at best or a new one and very expensive, and electrical problems are a PIA due to the canbus electrical system.
    The super ten is a good solid bike, comfy (although I have only ridden one a couple of times), dosent have canbus but does have flyby wire, and abs, traction control, linked brakes etc all controled by one central electronic unit (damn expensive when it goes) however shaft drive simple and robust.

    It comes down to being honest as to the use you are going to make of it. My GS is by far and away the best all round long distance bike, I have both but if I had to have just one then it would be the 990, its easier to make the 990 a comfortable long distance tourer (even if I end up buying big tanks) than it is to make the GS a good offroad/dirt tracker, not that the GS is unuseable on dirt, its just that the 990 is better. I am 6'5" and the extra space on the 990 is nice and it being a tall bike is also an advantage.
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    If you buy a used bike less than 3 years old you get whats left of the warranty too
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    I have a GS 1150 and love it. Having said that I miss my KLR. Is there not a Marine who would trade his for a ration pack and a 24? Diesel would be just awesome. The KLR will go places the GS would just not! Put on some good nobblies and ride. Just my POV. Spent 3 yrs with each. I am 6' 3" so if size matters that is my 2 cents worth.

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    Master Guns,
    I am 66 year old Marine with an '02 GSA (70,000 miles) that I have taken to Prudhoe Bay and across the Trans Lab highway in the last 3 years. The bikes you are looking at are great machines and the advice you are getting is all good. I like dirt riding, but I'd like to get to other states fast and comfy to play in hard dirt. I am thinking of a smaller dual sport bike for real dirt playing though. I am 5'11" and a 30 inch inseam and love the GSA.:clap And yes I can still pick it up from naps!


    If you get to Texas when you get back, don't hesitate to call and try my Big Black Beast of Burden ("B-4") GSA.

    If you run into an Embedded Law Enforcement Professional at Camp Leatherneck named Billy D. give him my best - he is my old partner and loves the Marines.

    Get some, Marine!!

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    First of all, SEMPER FI!!

    I have a GSA and it rides great. Been up to Prudhoe Bay with it, and quite a few other places. I had a regular GS before the GSA, and spent 3 weeks riding through Mexico on the GS. I love my GSA, but I wish I went with a F800GS. The GSA is just too heavy. For dirt roads it has been great. But riding through sand and other soft dirt sucks.

    My advice is to ride each bike and choose the one you find most comfortable.
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    As a former Harley guy myself, I found that the GSA was in line with the weight and bulk I was used to. It was one of the selling points. There is a psychological charge you get when you sit on an American vtwin. It is similar to sitting on a German GSA.
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    Owning a 1200GS and then riding an F800GS was less than thrilling for me. A very nice bike if you don't get like getting into the throttle but not for me, especially since it is only 17 pounds lighter than the R1200GS.
    The F800 does get impressive fuel mileage though.
    On fuel economy the R1200GS easily gets 50 mpg if I ride gently and about 42-44 ridden fast while the guys I know with KTMs say they get 34-38 at best . I would agree that the KTM is better on single track than the BMW . I have found out that the jugs tend to find stumps etc very well so I keep away from narrow stuff and use the DR350 for that .

    +1 on finding the most comfortable bike for you and your pulse should go up when you see it.