Looking for trails between Atl & Knoxville

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  1. Bonezjones

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    Mar 21, 2004
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    Hey guys-I am coming in from Colorado to ride in the south but can't seem to find any OHV areas that are open. I wanted to ride up at Diamondback but it seems they are closed. Does anyone have any ideas on a place I can find some harescramble-like trails between Atl and Knoxville? We did Coal Creek a while ago and it was awesome but still a few hours from Atl. My buddy is in Knox and I am going to be in Atl so we are looking for something in between. Thanks in advance.


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    Not sure how you are serching but perhaps if you try ORV and not OHV you will be better off.

    Try this Web-page

    Also try:

    Whissenhunt ORV Trails
    Suitable for motorcycles, quads and three-wheelers.
    Description: 700-acrea acre of trails is being planned to provide a challenging and safe riding experience in this area. Ride only on the designated trails to minimize environmental damage.
    Ranger District: Toccoa Ranger District in Blue Ridge - 706- 632-3031 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 pm, Mon - Fri; November-March, 8 am and 4:30 pm Mon - Fri.
    Directions: Take US 19/60 north from Dahlonega 2.2 miles. Turn left on paved county road (Wahsega Road) toward Camp Frank D. Merrill. Go 3.9 miles to dirt Forest Service Road #662, turn left into ORV parking area.
    For More Info: Contact Toccoa Ranger District (706) 632-3031

    You SHOULD stay at T.W.O. if you have never been there before.
    (T.W.O.)Two Wheels Only. The first resort of its kind, located in Suches, Georgia, developed by a motorcycling family, for touring motorcyclists.

    Click here for info on T.W.O.
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    Sep 28, 2004
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    Er, unfortunately both TWO and Whissenhunt are both closed for the winter right now. (What a winter...65F here today!).
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    You may have to get a login to access KTMtalk, but it does not cost anything and is a good resource for information. You also do not have to own a KTM to register. If you post on here that you are looking for a place to ride, and you will usually get invitations to join others, even if it is on private land. My friend (Cahoona) rides somewhere almost every weekend.


    And check the regional racing organization. Check the race schedule for events. I think there are couple of national events coming in the next couple of months. National Enduro and GNCC events.


    Another source for information. Some of the GOR members also post rides on KTMtalk.


    It is not between Knox and Atl, but The Ridge has some really good places to ride with a good mix of enduro type trails and some open MX tracks.


    Highland Park is a new place that struggled with local opposition in order to open. Not sure if it is the same person, but I think the person starting this place also owned Marietta Motorsports, and is an accomplished road racer.


    Hope this helps.
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    Look for other rides. They have a list of dual sport rides from mild to wild. Haven't hit them up - yet.

    Windrock is the wrong way, but, it has a mass of people there every weekend in jeeps and 4 wheelers.
  6. Bonezjones

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    Mar 21, 2004
    Boulder, CO
    Thanks a ton for the suggestions. All the GA ohv places are closed but we ended up at Windrock. Awesome, sloppy trails and all covered in snow and ice. The coldest I have ever ridden but huge fun...right up until my buddy filled his boots with ice water. I am hoping to get out to Highland while here. Thanks again.
  7. Some Dude

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    Dec 2, 2003
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    it was my understanding that Locust Stake over near Clayton stays open year round,..but I could be wrong on that. Tellico ORV is open year round in Murphy, NC. However there isnt much for single track or hare scramble type riding there, alot of slower speed rocky technical sections though. depends on what youre riding. I wouldnt do a GS there,...but a thumper or trials bike is fun to ride there.