Looking to try ADV bikes out in North Alabama

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    I hope I am not asking the forbidden question, but I am thinking of a new bike and want a chance to ride something different before I commit to the hunt. I currently have a Triumph Scrambler, which is a cool and unique bike, but I don't ride it much and I think something that is more suited towards commuting might help get me out more. With family commitments and too many hobbies, riding to work is the best chance for me to get a ride in. One of the issue is needing a place to put my laptop for work that will more or less guarantee no water and also is easy to keep rain gear etc. for more work commuting (I know I could buy cases), but also wanting something that is designed more for eating up miles than the Scram. Since I am just in the feeler stage, I thought maybe I would ask around here for someone to meet up with and exchange rides for an afternoon rather than wasting people's time who are actively trying to sell their bikes.

    I am in north central Alabama, Hartselle specifically (about 30 miles from Huntsville). I am drawn to Stroms, Tigers, and the Uly, but might go for something else that I am less familiar with.

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    Most BMW dealers allow test rides, although they are limited to 30 mins or so.
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    sending PM