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Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by JerryH, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. JerryH

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    I have been all over this forum, and keep running into "how much better the new technology is" To me it is junk. I own an '83 Goldwing Interstate (converted to regular brakes) a '79 Sportster, An '01/'99/''94 XT225 (built it out of parts from three different bikes, plus lots of aftermarket parts) , and an '09 Genuine Stella (yes I wanted a real vintage Vespa, but was to afraid of winding up with a Vietbodge) I am currently looking for a vintage 2 stroke street bike, probably a Yamaha RD. I would like to have a '79 RD400F "Daytona Special" but that is out of my price range. I want to avoid liquid cooling and any type of emissions or electronics, including FI at all costs. My taste in cars is the same, I own a '64 Fairlane, a '72 Pinto Squire wagon, and a '77 Datsun pickup. The Fairlane burns more oil than a 2 stroke, but it just keeps running and running.....
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    Sounds like you'll do just fine here. :freaky
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    Well now you are here, show some pictures, we love pictures, we need pictures, did I say we want pictures?:deal

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    Sound like you already have the 'disease'. Welcome to the support group. :freaky
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    Sounds like you'll fit in here just fine.

    I'd love to have another '64 Fairlane. I traded mine off in '70 when I was in the service. It was a white 500 sport coupe with red interior, the little 260 V8, and a three speed which my new bride couldn't drive. It's still my favorite of all the cars I've owned. I've looked for another one off and on (whenever I thought I could afford it) for years, but they're pretty rare and really good examples are pricey. Lots of good memories in that car.

    I put a lot of miles on those Pinto wagons too. The company I did field service work for after I got out of the Air Force used them. They were tough little cars.

    I don't have anything against newer technology, and I do feel today's vehicles are better in many ways, but I still enjoy the old ones too.
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    My personal preference is to use the minimum technology possible. I define that as stuff I can fix myself in my shed or beside the road if necessary.

    It's why I prefer my BMW airhead to the later whizzbang electrikery enhanced models built out of fragillium.

    (Of course it's sheer hypocrisy that I'm viewing this on an Apple computer that I couldn't fix.) :)