Loose battery cable.......

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Now that I have some miles on my new to me 950 ADV, I'm starting to get picky on ride quality. Yesterday I sync'ed the carbs (almost 2 inches off). New chain and sprockets.

    The engine is much smoother at cruise speeds, but still doesn't like to cruise below 3500 rpm. It would also "buck" (misfire) on long uphills if I let it lug below 4000 rpm with heavy throttle.

    Yesterday on my way to the Southwick MX National the speedo turned into a random number generator. I think I saw 135 mph in first gear. At a stop light the neutral light was pulsing. As I pulled away the engine just shut off. I'm thinking the stator had crapped out and let the battery run dead. I pushed the bike over to a nearby CVS parking lot. The starter wouldn't turn the engine over, but I noticed the headlight was still bright and white. I pulled the skid plate off and gave the battery cables a tug. They seemed fine, but I put the screw driver to them. The negative was tight, but I did get a little less than a quarter turn on the positive. I turned the key and it fired right up, with a bright steady neutral light.

    It lugs a lot better now with out bucking. It feels a lot better over all. My random stalling issue at idle seems to be gone also, but that may be the carb sync. There doesn't seem to be any corrosion on the cables or terminals.The battery is new this year.