Lost Luggage - Tell the truth

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  1. jgiacobbe

    jgiacobbe Long timer

    May 2, 2008
    Near Richmond VA
    Lost a dry bag off my WR when 2 ROK straps failed. Both failed right where the strap is stitched into the buckle. There is a little fabric that is used to sew them on to the stretchy part. That is what wore through. Both the rock straps were about a year old. Broke the buckles off and used the nylon webbing and knots to tie everything back on. It was embarrassing to watch the minivan I had passed a half mile back drive past as I was picking my bag up off the road. The Walmart dry bag did pretty good, only had a couple holes worn through. Replaced it next trip to Wally world for $6.99.

    Previously I lost a go pro and a long sleave shirt when I forgot to zip a back strapped to the rear of my WR. Shirt was found wrapped in the rear wheel. The go pro was in the bag lastt and was probably violently thrown out after the slave of the shirt found the wheel and was never found.
  2. JOKER650

    JOKER650 Long timer

    Feb 20, 2006
    British Columbia , Canada.....Eh

    HAHAHHA...thaT IS FOOKN funny, reminds me of a ride home 1 day.

    Was riding down a 4lane road 60kph speed limit. Saw a young gal on the side walk with a bicycle on the ground and she was looking around kinda weird like.
    I wasn.t quite sure what was going on so I slowed and kept an eye on her as I approached. She seemed to be looking and thinking of running out in front of me...I was kinda worried so I slowed a little more....YUP...SHE'S GUNNA RUN IN FRONT OF ME !!
    Shit..I move to the left a little more as to not to hit her !!
    I look right in front of me and there is her cell phone RIGHT IN MY TRACK on the pavement !!!
    SHIT ! No time to do anything I hit the opened up "flip-phone" dead-on and look in my mirror and see nothing but shrapnel in the air behind me:eek1

    Son-of-a beoach!!!!
    She is standing there with her arms in the air giving me the bird.
    I felt like such a Douch:cry...I really wanted to go back and pay for the phone..but didn't.

    As I thought about what had happened.....I came to realize that she had been riding her cycle on the sidewalk with her groceries or something on the handle bars and she went down. Her and her purse flew to the ground and the phone flew out into the road.
    If she hadn't tried to run out to get it in front of me I would not have hit it.
  3. WeazyBuddha

    WeazyBuddha Carbon-Based Humanoid

    Mar 18, 2008
    RGV Texas
    Never lost a thing until this October, riding to Luckenbach I decided to do a little off roading. Lost my kermit chair, did not realize it until I got to camp. :baldy
  4. JimVonBaden

    JimVonBaden "Cool" Aid!

    Feb 11, 2005
    Alexandria, VA
    Other than clicking only half the clip, I have never seen a Rok Strap fail, and I have put some off stuff on bikes with them.


    Jim :brow
  5. jgiacobbe

    jgiacobbe Long timer

    May 2, 2008
    Near Richmond VA
    Nope, buckles were still latched, just that both straps had split from the buckles. I was very surprised after everything I heard about them. Now I just use plain old nylon webbing and knots. It appears nothing is fool proof. I only post up about those straps since everyone seems to think they are better than everything else out there. Before they broke, I really liked them. I had been cinching them down very tight because my bag had been shifting a little. Possibly, I had more tension than they were rated for on them.
  6. bimmerx2

    bimmerx2 Long timer

    Jun 4, 2006
    DFW area of Texas
    Heading down the road to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon just before sunset when a guy on what I think was a Connie just FLEW past me going the other way. I say flew because he we easily pushing triple digits. I waved and 'thought' I noticed his left pannier open. I wasn't sure because from the front it was just a little sliver of plastic sticking out and at that speed I just got a very brief glimpse. About a minute later I see a lone sock in my lane but didn't think anything of it. A couple of miles later; a t-shirt and pair of tidy-whities laying in my lane. I realized that it was indeed his pannier open and he was leaving a crumb trail of clothes. In the next couple of miles I passed by various items of laundry spread out with a little donation to nature every couple of hundred yards. I knew if I turned around there was no way I was catching him unless he stopped and in that case he was going to find out what happened anyway.
  7. Contevita

    Contevita Cigar Adventurer

    Oct 25, 2011
    Gulfport, MS, USA
    ^^^this is why i triple check my bags when on the road.
  8. Ceri JC

    Ceri JC UK GSer

    Sep 14, 2009
    All over, usually Wales or England
    Never (nor from theft). The only 'incident' with luggage was a rain cover melting on my Oxford panniers. Back in the days before I discovered Kriega, when I used crap luggage that wasn't inherently waterproof.
  9. hscrugby

    hscrugby "That guy"

    Jan 11, 2010
    Raleigh, NC
    Riding the CBR up to VIR when they still had the AMA race up there.
    I managed to lose my free tickets on the way there. (My jacket pocket was zipped, but the ticket wasn't in it. I don't know if it was unzipped and I remembered to zip it after riding, or what. )
    Bought a one day pass, figured I'd just skip the second day.

    So once there run into some friends one had his pass for the second day that he wasn't going to use.

    I put it in my tank bag. I never lose things out of that.
    Well, I don't zip it shut, out goes the ticket. I don't realize it until I've ridden back up for the second day.

    And had to buy a SECOND ticket. :lol3
  10. MagyarMan

    MagyarMan Long timer

    Dec 8, 2009
    Chicken Necker Side
    I had a Yamaha YDS3 250cc back in High School. One morning I lost some school books off the back of the bike. The next day the school office called to tell me my books were returned and I could pick them up at the office. A good citizen helped me out,I wish I could have thanked them some way.
  11. Bryn

    Bryn Leicester England

    May 18, 2004
    Leicester UK
    Lost an ally pannier lid that I'd forgotten to fasten.. Luckily it bounced down the road and missed following traffic :1drink

    The panniers and lids would have survived armageddon.. So no damage to the lid either :D
  12. corndog67

    corndog67 Banned

    Jan 24, 2006
    Santa Maria, CA
    I had a set of individual Etalon micrometers blow out of a tank bag, 3 separate little hard cases, and if you know micrometers, those are the most expensive ones you can buy. I never did find the 0-1 inch. The 1-2 and 2-3 were untouched and still perfect (they were nearly brand new). My buddy bought a brand new H-D touring something or another, and one of the saddlebag lids was gone, and the helmet that was in there, when he got home. Never found either. And it was one of the custom painted bikes, but just a standard helmet.
  13. RideAbout

    RideAbout Mentally Retired

    May 3, 2004
    Lost a perfectly good booger once. :up

    Spent way too much time admiring it.... blew off my finger before I could eat it!:cry
  14. TwinDuro

    TwinDuro Befuddled Adventurer

    Jun 10, 2007
    Pac Nor-Wet, WA
    One bright summer morning in the not-so-distant past, I was riding my Trail 90 to work and had my (soft) lunch box hap-haphazardly strapped to the spacious rear rack with man's most hated, yet, loved, invention: the bungee cord...:norton

    I was about a mile from work, heard a loud pop, and looked in the mirror to see my lunch box bouncing down the four-lane. I flipped a U-ey just in time to see it get run-over... :cry

    I went out to lunch that day... :lol3

    The hook on the cord failed (popped off of the cord itself) and taught me a valuble lesson: use more bungee cords! :evil

  15. the Pheasant

    the Pheasant Been here awhile

    Jan 14, 2008
    Wild west Wales
    Was tootling along Haydon's Road in SW London recently when I was passed closely and at speed by a scooter rider on a mission. His top box lid was flapping and as he climbed the railway bridge near Wimbledon a plastic clipboard/folder full of documents bounced out. Despite feeling a bit hacked off at the way he passed I thought I'd inform him of his loss at the next red lights, but instead of stopping at them he rode straight on through...

    Can't recall a luggage loss of my own, but this comes to mind...

    Way back in 1988 I rode to Belgium to see the world cycling road race championships with my wife (then girlfriend) riding pillion on my Kawa KLR600. My friend Adrian also had a KLR600 and turned up at my house ready to roll with a mate of his - let's call him Steve - on his own back seat. Somehow or other I had to find and lend them a pair of throw-over panniers in which to place their baggage. In order to prevent the high-level exhaust from melting the right-hand pannier, we placed an old bunched-up piece of rag between them.

    Approaching the M2 motorway on the M25, I noticed that Adrian was not as close behind as he had been. Checking in the mirror, I could not see him and pulled on to the hard shoulder. As we got off the bike, I was able to watch at a distance of some 200m his green machine as it veered onto the shoulder with smoke billowing from the rear. Long before it came to a stop, Steve could be seen to leap off.

    As I ran back towards them I observed Adrian and Steve jumping up and down on something in the verge, which turned out to be the panniers. Turns out that Steve had become aware of flames around the underside of his right thigh as the bike cruised at 80mph...

    Not sure whether the rag would have caught fire anyway but I forgot I'd previously used it to wipe up a spilt tin of Evo-Stik glue. Amazingly, their quick thinking ensured that only a small hole had been burned in the pannier and most of Steve's clothing (he was given the right-hand pannier) was undamaged. I can't recall how we got around the problem of preventing the exhaust from melting the pannier, but we probably just chucked the rag...

    Great race; Maurizio Fondriest won after Steve Bauer put local hero Claude Criquielion into the barriers in the final sprint.
  16. Mr_Gone

    Mr_Gone Viking Berserker

    Jul 18, 2010
    Mountain Home, AR

    I'm reporting you to BAR — Bureau of Acronym Reduction. :D
  17. LuluOfDenver

    LuluOfDenver The peanut gallery.

    Aug 11, 2012
    Denver and the world
    This summer in/near Delta Junction, AK I lost my toiletry bag. Same trip, one day away from home I stopped in Vernal UT to pick up a quart of oil. Got to the bike, set my wallet down between tent and top case, and topped off the reservoir. Drove out of the parking lot and apparently my wallet FLEW off the back of my bike and was run over several times by large trucks. A nice lady and her two kids ran out to get it, called me, and met me at a truck stop to return it to me. I sent the family a cotton candy maker for Christmas!
  18. outlaws justice

    outlaws justice On the Fringe

    May 18, 2009
    Warrensburg Missouri
    I Was coming back with the truck towing training bikes (13) from West Point traveling across the Thruway when I drove past a top box. I pulled over and walked back to get it. Got home, it was locked so I took a punch and drove out the hinge wire, contents were clothes and such along with a cell phone. The Phone was locked so I called the carrior pulled the batter and gave them the number. They contacted the owner of the phone who called me. He was in his 30's going to school in Syracuse, and needed his stuff very badly. I got it to him and all was well with the world. ( I told him How I got into his bag and got in touch with him. No damage to the top box and he was very happy)
  19. 2aRover

    2aRover Been here awhile

    Mar 22, 2005

    Motokat and I were part of a group riding from Portland to Boise a couple of years ago. We'd stopped for fuel somewhere in central Oregon where she had opened her bags for some reason. She had a small, but awesome, set of aftermarket hard luggage on her bike, but I can't remember the brand.

    The newly-fueled group breezed out of the gas station, me riding a distant sweep on my Tiger, and accelerated to warp. Suddenly the roadway was littered with ladies' underthings. I checked the horizon ahead for whatever it was that had blown a woman clean out of her clothes, because I definitely wanted one, as well as the now-nekkid woman. What I saw was Motokat and the group on the side picking up her clothes; she'd forgotten to relatch her sidecase lid. I performed a U-ey and stopped in the roadway to pick up her errant lingerie. Maybe I'm a good Samaritan, but I'm not a nice guy. I strung the lacy objects on my mirrors while the couple in the Chevrolet camper truck behind me laughed uproariously.

    When I rode up to the rest of the group with my booty, she refused to let me ride the rest of the way with her undies stretched between my mirrors.
  20. Aussijussi

    Aussijussi Long timer

    Oct 29, 2009
    Back in 92, flat out on my ZZR 1100, i checked the mirrors and saw something bouncing on the road. I realized it was my bag with a steel thermos and lunch in a plastic container. I turned around and had a good laugh when i saw the canvas bag, it was in shreds with pieces of my lunch strewn about. It took me awhile to find the thermos, it was ok, coffee still in it. Last summer, lost a liter bottle of motorex oil, expensive, it was strapped to the back of my 990, also lost a nice wind proof undershirt, also last summer. I might invest in a top box.
    About loosing thing's, a funny incidence happened to me, driving home from a friend's place the other night. Pitch black night, and the area has lot of moose crossing the road, so i've got my eyes peeled. Up ahead i see this greyish big lump of thing in the on coming lane, i slowed the car right down, it was a fucking car trailer, sitting in the middle of the road. The hitch had broken off without the driver noticing anything. He must have been on something, not realizing the trailer gone:huh