low impact continental divide trail ride

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    last month i watched "RIDE THE DIVIDE", a movie about last year's bicycle based race along the continental divide trail. btw this would be great backround information for anyone thinking about doing it on motorcycle.. in the film the narrator said that some sections of the trail ban motorcycles because the terrain is judt to brutal. this got me to thinking about the feasidility of doing the trail with something that could do the full trail and at the same time be low inpact too. anyone ever think about doing this on something like honda trail 90's? i have been thinking about it and see it as a great oppertunity. i know that they are very capable of this sorta thing, and wouldn't need much more equipment than a two day backpack trip. it looks like there's pleanty of towns that have to be crossed so resupply shouldn't be much of a problem. carry a few spare parts and 5 extra gallons of fuel should do it..
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    Some sections, misreported on that show, are off limits to motorized travel.
    'Not run by motos due to extreme difficulty' is said by an uninformed person.
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