Magnum Opus RallyMoto, Newberry MI

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    I'm back home and still resting.

    A big thanks to the workers/volunteers. With out them we don't put incredible memories into our brains. :clap

    Also huge thanks to Tim, Anders, Bill and the rest of the org for their help and attention to detail. On several occasions throughout the weekend they stoped by just to make sure everything was ok and if I/we had any questions. It's stuff like this that says these guys and gals care.:1drink

    Thanks to CJracer/CJDesigns (the Christini's owner) for letting me ride his awesome bike. He was kept abreast of everything throughout the weekend and said maybe he needs to see what this is all about next year.

    So if I have any say, look for a team from SE WI next year.:deal

    The stages were awesome. Pretty much what I was expecting having riden in da UP for many years. I counted my close calls as Anders had advised in the NCO meeting Friday night and dialed it back a bit however I'll just say Arsenic was exciting for me.:evil:rofl:clap Also half the fun was hanging out giving blood with the reast of the great competitors between stges.:1drink

    Black River is only 14 hours (nostop no traffic) for me. :wink:
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    Great competitors! :deal

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    its not much, but it is what it is, video-wise. Should give a pretty good idea of the awesome stages.
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    Thanks for shooting, editing, and posting Jason! Gave a good feel for what the stages were like. It's kind of hard to tell from the vid but it looks like the specials were sandy with some hardpack? Kind of surprised by the sand but not sure why?

    Looks like fun for sure!