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    You could make your Christmas shopping easy. How?

    Well, so far I’ve been really lucky and none of my 4 adventure motorcycle travels books have had bad reviews from either the press or readers.

    Safe bet for presents in that case? I hope so.:thumb

    The books are all available in paperback format – Aerostich in N America and all over the place in the UK. Online from Amazon, Waterstones and of course signed copies direct from my book site.

    They are also available for download as Kindles and Into Africa is available as an enhanced e-book from i-tunes. And Into Africa is also now available as an audio book. To my knowledge there are only 5 other audio adventure motorcycle travel books.

    This comment was posted on FaceBook recently: 'I'm just coming to the end of Tortillas to Totems and have thoroughly enjoyed all four books, they've been a cracking read.'

    Why am I posting about this now, in November??? I’ll be away at the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC in the UK, book signing for 2 weeks and by the time I get back here we’ll be well into December. See you then.