Map of the countries that are most and least welcoming to foreigners

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Ruan, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Journalism is dead. Has been for a long time.
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    As long as you act like nice guy and not act like a dickhead most people will treat you nicely and respectful. If you abuse their cultural ways and morality you get what you deserve. I have been to many different countries and never had a problem except for that 2 week long Trans-Siberian rail way journey where I had to drink too much Vodka and being caught between a drug gang shoot out in Honduras, most people go out of their way to befriend or help an American. That map is crap.
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    Map is nonsense.
    As stated above, your passport makes a great difference.
    And (example: US foreigner) even more if you come as a member of an occupying force or as tourist.
    Next difference is welcomed by the loval government or by the hotel manager or by the common people.
    Perhaps the map is not complete nonsense and at least shows a US tourist manager view of the world.
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    well I have been to several countries (over 20 in 4 continents) and found that people are not the government, everytime I cross into the US I know I can be search and strip naked on the spot and have no human rights of any kind, and to quote an officer "I can do and ask what ever I want", but I have seen many nice US people also. And these applies also to muslin countries where we share not a single word, but we end up talking to each other and the drinking and dancing.

    Maybe we could built a map of who has the worst government for tourist!! ok I am sure we wont agree either but it would be a lot closer than this one

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    A smile, a please, and a thank you in the local language will get you a long way anywhere.