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    Jan 21, 2007
    OK here is the deal. I have owned a map76 for a long time and use it for everything. Kayak, MTB, on and off road motorcycle, hiking and sailing. I know how to work the thing with my eyes closed and it has been reliable as all get out in all environments. The only thing that bugged me about this unit was the 8mb of memory and the track line was nothing but some dots overlayed an already dark line if you were traveling a road. I use topo software as the only difference that I can tell is that the roads arent labeled in Topo nearly as well as the CityNav. The thing I like about Topo is that trails and other "roads" show up in the woods. We do a lot of dualsport and trailrides where it is nice to know whether you are going up or down, where the creeks are for reference checks ect.

    I thought the gps 76cs had dropped enough in price and picked one off the auction site. Powered the thing up and loaded up the 115mb memory full of Topo. This is going to be great I thought until I brought it up on screen.

    I knew the screen was going to be a little smaller but man, side by side, you have to go to 3mile scale(map76cs) to see the same territory on the 2mile scale(map76). That makes the screen very cluttered. It appears the "declutter" feature is supposed to fix that but Im not impressed. On the map76, in the map set up, there is a comprehensive tab menu that has lots of features that affect how the map is displayed. For example, you can turn road labeling (by size of road) on and off as well as manage the size of the text. You can also change the size of the text on towns by population using scale. You can also turn off select geographical features ie topo lines, water, ect. All of this lets you manually get rid of the clutter to leave a nice clean map that updates fast but lets you add info back to the map as needed.

    The map76cs is a dissappointment as of right now. I dont understand why the unit doesnt allow the same map setup options. Im guessing its software related. Is there anyway to make my 76cs like my map76?
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    I have topo loaded in my 76 but usually only displey Roads & Rec.