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    i just purchased a Garmin 600 for the purpose of on/off road riding. I have a set of the 24K topos on the way for my region but have a few questions regarding other maps:

    1. I want to purchase the Garmin City navigator for my street riding, is it best to purchase this in DVD format, then transfer it to the device?
    2. What's the story on all these "free" maps? I have looked at many of the websites offering these but inevidably they send me to some back corner of the internet to a dead link. Has anyone had any success downloading good topo maps for the Garmins form aftermarket websites?

    Cheers, James
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    I am told that the DVD contains more info than the micro SD card, so yes to the DVD. You can make it install to both your PC and your Montana, so you don't have to have your GPS connected when you want to plan a route on the computer.
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    For topo and off-road maps, check here:

    For road maps, this is likely your best source:

    I have had great success with both formats. There is the occasional missing pond, lake or other feature, but the maps are equally as good as those from commercial sources. I recently had to deal with a commercial map that put a critical road junction some 15 miles from where it actually was. Run your routes in Google Earth first to avoid nasty surprises.