Maps on Ipad vs maps on Android.

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    When I open the stock map icon on my iPad, I really like the format, better than the "maps" icon on my android tablet. This may be a silly question and I realize they are different operating systems, but why do they seem so different to me.? I can have " maps" open on android and the stock map open on Ipad and they don't show up the same.

    It seems some things are on or omitted from each different map. I really want to have the " map" that's on the iPad 3 on my galaxy tablet, can I?

    I am sure all you tech people are chuckling at this particular luddite, but, dammit!, that's what I see!
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    Apple is default to Apple Maps
    Android is using Goole Maps

    Apple changed from Google to their own maps with iOS 6, with much consternation from users. I am still running iOS 5.x primairly due to this issue. Apple maps were missing a lot of info at launch - probably better now. This mess is widely consiered to be Apple first big goof.

    I suspect they will always look slightly different as Apple wants it that way. I think you can get a Google map app for the iOS and you could always switch to MapQuest on both.