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Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by aakoksal, Jul 30, 2006.

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    Jul 14, 2006
    Hi all,

    I made a search but could not find a similar thread earlier.. Hope I'm not dublicating the subject...

    You might have noticed from previous posts that I'll be heading to a 3600 Km trip in Italy. We'll take the ferry from Cesme and spend 3 weeks there...

    Anyhow, I purchased Quest 2 for this trip 4 months ago. I also have a Rino 520 and Rino 530. I also purchsed City Navigator Europe V8.

    Because I didn't know that maps can be loaded on two units as maximum, I happened to activate the map software for Quest 2 and Rino 520 (520 will be with my wife).

    Couple of weeks ago, I came up with a good offer and bought StreetPilot 2820. When I came home with all my excitement to load the map, I realized that I can not do that, as Garmin allows me to load maps on max. 2 units...

    Normally I do not need to have this map on Rino 520. I'm ready to delete it from 520 right away. But I desperately need to have it on Quest 2 (which is going to be my back-up) and especially on 2820.

    Anybody know a way that I can get over this issue? I sent an e-mail to Garmin and asked them to remove Rino 520 from my list but not sure if this is going to work. Worst case senario is me paying 130 usd and buy a new licence...:baldy


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    As far as I know, Garmin do not (though they could I'm sure) give users a "transfer" of unlock rights to new GPS...

    The problem is once the map data has been supplied with the unique number that works for a particular GPS unit, it will always work... So Garmin could decide to supply another unlock number for your 2820 (on your promise to not use it with Rino)... but they have no way of keeping you from continuing to use it... or even selling a copy of it with the Rino...

    It sucks to be sure from our point of view, but at the moment is something that needs to be endured... with the huge number of GPS users out there.. Garmin (and especially Navteq) will eventually come under enough pressure from a compeditor and change the terms...

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    Not wishing to cause you further problems but assuming you've got the Rino's to act as radios between yourself and your wife, I'm afraid to say their use is illegal in Europe.

    They use the GMRS system while Europe uses the PMR446 system and, surprise, surprise the 2 systems are not compatable.
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    My understanding of the 2820 (I dont have one but looking at as next option) is that is ships with a version of CN V8(NT) for the 2820, however if you install this (from CD shipped with 2820) it may react with your current CN V8 (probably not NT version?) and may either overwrite your current config (leaving you with choice as to which GPS to use it with ie 2820 and quest) or accept the current settings and assume its fully used with the two original GPS units. If you've got all your original unlock keys and CDs it might be best to uninstall and reload later if problems are encountered.
    You may have to manually "clean" the registry too, if this isnt familiar territory then you do so at your own risk, ie it may completely shaft your garmin install or worse you pc.
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    I needed to put the latest version of City Select on a third GPS (2 iQues and a Quest). It cost me $100 to get the extra code. I did it all on-line.
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    If all else fails, why don't you call Garmin customer service and explain your situation. They have always been very helpful to me.
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    I bet Garmin Customer Service will fix this for you. I had a similar situation and was able to get my old GPS removed from their unlock list, freeing a new code for my new GPS and updated version of City Select. I did it over email and the turnaround was pretty slow, but it eventually got done.

    - Mark