March Moon 2013 pt 2 - 5th May

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mfredrik, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Great fun tho' the Moon was, I didn't get my fill of Welsh lanes so need to go back to get that fixed! And I know just from the small group I was there with I'm not alone in my thinking.

    So - I am planning to do that on Sunday 5th May, meeting in the Green Inn car park at 9.00 for a 9.30am depart on the bikes. I'll be doing a decent loop and hope to return to Green Inn at 5.00pm latest.

    There's room for a few more in my group but any more and I'll need another run leader to join in the fun. But please note numbers are limited and this is really for attendees of the MM.

    PM me if interested in tagging along for a tottle on Wales' finest, let me know if you can lead and also the bike you ride.

    Couple of "rules":

    -Timpo's rules apply so everyone legal, no race numbers, we all ride respectfully etc.

    - If you didnt pay at the Moon then you will need to donate a tenner to the air ambulance.

    - If you park at the Green Inn, then when you get back please take a meal at the Green Inn. You can order in advance on the morning to make their lives a bit easier.

    I'm planning on driving up in the morning but if you want to camp in the pub garden let me know and I will put you in touch with the landlord. I've not asked but I suspect it'll be possible so long as you dine there.

    Thats about it, here's to a sunnier May. Surely it'll be sunny in May. At least in can't snow. Why do I suspect I'm going to regret saying that :evil

    Sadly Timpo cant join us on the day due to other commitments, and I hope he doesn't mind me plagiarising the March Moon name.

    Tnx, Mike F
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    Think you've hit the nail on the head when you said "plagiarising". The March moon is an established, successful event usually held as close to the spring equinox as possible and has SFA to do with the month of May.

    Ride safe.
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    march moon may moon who gives a fuck

    fair play for putting another ride on