Maxi Scooter then back to regular MC?

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by bogey78, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Well the OP hasn't replied for 3 days but I'll add my 2 cents. I've owned over 50 two wheeled machine in my 55 years of riding. Started riding scooters and currently own a Burg 400 (for sale). I'm not selling because I don't like it but because I'd like to reduce the stable. I sold my RT and bought an NC700X w/DCT. It will do what I want and replace the Burg also. I can ride it daily, tour if I want, and haul it on the back of my motorhome. The Burg will do this also but why have two similar machines. I personally think the Burgman 400 is the best all around scooter available. A couple years ago I bought a Vespa 250. It was fun, fast and very manuverable but just didn't give me that secure feeling at speed. At no point did you say what you want to do with a bike/scooter. The biggest difference between a bike and a scooter is the riding position. As you stated the storage, auto trans and weather protection are great on the scooter.
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    Thanks for all the great info guys. After reading all the replies and thinking about how I ride, I think the best thing for me right now is a motorcycle for the touring duties and a smallish (125-250cc scooter) for fun and some day trips. ArtCuisin has a good point that any bike or scooter can be a temporary ride and I can always change if I feel the need for something else. Still, I'm going to keep my eyes open for a good deal on a FZ6 and then look for a smaller scooter to tool around on. Of course, if I run up on a killer deal on a Tmax, Burg, or SWing my plans might change:evil

    Thanks again for all the first hand information.
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    Here are my toys.

    The Jeep is for when I have to take the kids somewhere.

    The Versys is for getting somewhere fast.

    The Zuma is for relaxing and taking my time.

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    I first bought the Ninja 650 that you mention above, then figured out it's
    a pain to ride around town (especially 2 up) so I got a 50cc scoot.

    That soon proved to be to slow, so I got a 125cc scoot and that resulted
    in the Ninja 650 gathering dust.

    Early this year I sold everything and got the Kymco Downtown 300i ABS.
    That thing has better suspension then the Ninja 650, better build quality,
    and the brakes are about the same! The ABS works better on the Kymco

    I DO want a proper motorcycle again, but the 650R would not do.

    If you can get the Tmax, you'll be shocked by the ride quality and handling.
    These entry level 600 bikes can't touch it.

    You might miss some power and shifting, but never around town.

    I'd say get both.

    I'd switch to a 150-200cc smaller scooter now and a Bandit 1250 if I
    had the money. I've done 10k miles on the 300cc scoot in just over
    7 months of riding, and it's flawless, but never as much fun as a proper
    bike on the open roads.

    Take a look at the Honda Integra 700. :evil
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    Croatia other thing about the bikes you mentioned, 650R/Versys/FZ6..

    I've ridden all of them (Versys for just a minute), put maybe 300-400
    miles on the FZ6, and owned the 650R for 5 years (20k miles).

    I'd put the 650R in the last place between them all, the Versys has
    more comfort, lighter handling, better midrange but it IS slower then
    650R, and especially the FZ6.

    While the 650R has a slight kick from 7k to 9k revs, the FZ6 has
    that kick from 8k to 10k, and then I'll rip your arms out from 10 to 12k.

    I've also found the FZ6 to have the best overall wind protection, it's
    silky smooth, but you gotta figure out if you like big torque down low
    or high revving sporty engine.

    Most scooters will feel like they have gobs of torque everywhere and
    pull instantly (while in reality, they spin up the revs fast and pull from there),
    like the Versys.

    The FZ6 after you get off the Ninja 650 will feel like a 300-400cc bike.
    While it's super smooth down low, it's completely gutless.

    It's still faster at those low revs (lets say up to 6k) then any of the
    scooters you'd be looking at (at least up to 1cyl 500cc ones).

    Even the Hornet 600 (Honda 599) will feel stronger down low then
    the FZ6, and they share the same engine layout and size (even the power).

    The NC700X with DCT might be the best all-rounder on the market today,
    but it's not a fast bike.
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    For the last 15 months, my Tmax has been my only street bike (besides my Agility scooter). After 40 years of riding motorcycles, I was not sure if I would miss a regular motorcycle, but I don't. The Tmax is perfect for the street and the way I ride. It is far more comfortable than any motorcycle I have ever owned, it has better wind and weather protection, it handles better (a very nice surprise) with crisp turn in and a combination of flingability and stability that encourages very enthusiastic asphalt dancing. No chicken strips at all - this bike loves to corner. The built in storage is a convenience I would not want to give up and the CVT has been the answer for my injured left hand. Gas mileage is excellent - my last road trip averaged 58 mpg. I have no desire to go back to a street motorcycle, although if I ever get this back problem cured, I would like to add a 250cc dual sport to the stable - the only thing the Tmax can't do is go dual sporting.
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    I'll second the comments made above. On any one count you could find another scooter or motorcycle to "outrank" the Burg 400--- but as a "package" of merits and virtues it's the best thing going on two wheels.