Mazatlan ADV Rider friendly Accomodations

Discussion in 'Americas' started by BigCrank, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Hello everyone! I am trying to get some feedback regarding Adventure Riders travelling through Mazatlan looking for a place to stay. Basically the deal is my wife's parents bought a place on the beach in Mazatlan, just north of the Golden Zone. They will be constructing a cafe/bar on the neighbouring lot, and are considering putting a few living accomodations on the 2nd floor. Being a rider I am trying to convince them, aside from the normal tourists, and birdwatchers that frequent the area, do you believe there is a significant number of riders that are looking to stay a night or two in Mazatlan, or is it a pass through City for most? I want to make it a place that I would like to stay while I was travelling on two wheels, so also any suggestions how to make it better for fellow riders. My main area of concentration will be clean comfy rooms, secure parking for bikes (my Doberman and Rottweiller will make sure of that), good food and cold drinks.

    Fire away!
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    I stayed at Triny and Chabela's last time I was through, but I wasn't on bike, and it's out of the way unless you go by boat, so a motorcycle-friendly spot on the more-main land would be great.

    Safe parking, tent-space, cold drinks, and a kitchen would be great! I'm always looking for a place that allows me to cook my own food and sleep cheap. Triny's has an awesome outdoor thatch-roofed kitchen where I spent all my time--a communal and functional place like that it perfect for getting people to visit your spot on their way through.

    As for whether it's a stopover--we stayed two weeks. It was lovely. Good luck!
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    Oct 17, 2006
    "Let's Go" travel guidebook sent us to Hotel Lana in Old Maz, which is fine and has a good price-- I'm becoming less and less concerned about secure parking, although this place is gated and walled. Honestly, the only thing that might make me want to seek out a place to stay (with Americans), is if the place was free, or had 2-day access to any tire I wanted. FWIW...