Meet Isaak Unger of Motonoroeste

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    Feb 9, 2008
    This morning I was touring the Campos Menonitas west of Alvaro Obregon on state Hiway Chih 5 . I Came around a curve and did a double take when I saw a big modern genuine motorcycle store .
    I had to investigate and was pleasantly surprised by what I found .

    Meet Isaak Unger the owner of this great shop who rides a Honda VTX 1800 so this ain't just an Italika shop. image.jpeg
    Amazing ! He stocks a small assortment of FAT BIGGER sized tires in SHINKO,, Dunlop, Full Bore , Maxxis and CTS( a cheap tire for small bikes but you might make them work )
    Understandably the main business here is selling and supporting the hugely popular quads to all the thousands of farmers, brands being Can Am , Honda , Arctic Cat { NO SNOWMOBILES though = ) } And he handles car and truck tires .

    His motorcycle shop is stocked with oils by Yamalube, Honda , Cespa , PJ 1, Valvolune et al . There is an assortment of he locally popular brake pads , oil and air filters, cables , spark plugs --- the consumable bits .

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Attention all motorcyclists heading down through Chihuahua towards the Copper Canyon , this may be very useful for you ..... and every motorcyclist .

    Motonoroeste is capable of doing the common services like water pump rebuilds with new seals ,tire changing ,oil and filters. brakes and minor repairs, and duct taping your mangled mess if you dumped it . don't demand they electro- analyze some obscure deep problem in your sophisticate bikes.

    If parts and tires are in your en - route plans then Isaak is willing to order in the parts if you email him your requested parts numbers or specific TIRE size and marque. Of course to protect his bottom line such orders will need to be covered by a security deposit of HALF the price , which is reasonable to ensure that he does not get stuck with orphan parts.
    His shop is located directly on Chih 5 on the east side of Colonia Vianna at km 49, some 19 km west of Alvaro Obregon
    His business email address is
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  2. Sjoerd Bakker

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    Feb 9, 2008
    This is the shop of Motonoroeste
    This is his major car tire and quad and bike service bay area image.jpeg

    And this is the display area at front of the store and parts counter.

    Shop hours are MONDAY to FRIDAY 8 am to 6:30 pm
    SATURDAY 8 am to 1 pm

    If you are desperate and need to wait out a weekend or overnight for the shop to open or while some critical parts are ordered in there is an excellent inexpensive motel within a stones throw east and a large modern restaurant and pizza house across the highway Beside another good modern motel . No need to be sleep deprived or starving .
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    Kentucky-Eastern that is!
    SB, you get into some cool places. I had to google "Campos Menonitas Chihuahua" to learn more. I knew they were there and had seen a few in towns, the ones I saw were in their brown bib overalls, young/very young, blond and selling newspapers at a red light. So not so hard to notice them. Wiki tells the history on the presence in Mexico.
    FWIW, the Mennonites have built a large, new school ~ 15 miles west of me near Mt Sterling,KY. I see them in Walmart mostly. The Amish also came to the dairy farm area in mostly Fleming County, KY in past 20 years or so. Local advertiser paper is full of Amish contractors, they use "English" who are part of their business plan for transport & phone numbers.
    That bike shop is neat and strategic too! Where's the guy, Issac Unger from? Not so Hispanic looking...
    I will say my Costa Rican dentist last week is cuter than him...