Mental winter virtual adventure ride(s) - Epic Movies.

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Day Trippin'' started by pdxmotorhead, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Too cold to be in my garage, parts aren't here anyway.. :(
    Thought my 3 day weekend was going to be the winter service event for my 950.

    So grabbed a beer and started watching netflix,

    Movie number 1 - for the evening - Cycles South.. - Typical 70's campy movie with a homemade film feel. Fun, no redeeming quality other than that.. Starts out with them introducing the cameraman on his bike with 4 tallboys in cup holders on the handle bars. adn a 5th in his camera bag..

    Movie number 2 - FASTER - If you ride motorcycles,, this one is just cool. GP bike racing.. Awsome..

    Movie number 3 - The boys of Bonneville - This is a documentary, about the origins and history of the land speed record chase from 1900 to present. Very cool if your a motorhead type person. If you liked the Fastest Indian, this is a pre look at the salt cultures beginning.

    Fun stuff.
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    Cool topic.

    I had a similar Sunday today. Lunch with my two best riding chums, stood around in the garage and stared at one of our bikes for awhile, and contemplated how many more weeks of winter. :cry

    Fastest Indian a great one. Had not seen the others you mentioned.

    Started watching "Slaughter house 5" from 1972 on Netflix, I have it paused. I think I went and saw it at the theater with my brother when it came out, but am not sure. I wonder what happened to Slaughter houses 1 through 4 ? :evil

    Another good one "For Greater Glory". It's sort of a western.
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    Watched "On any Sunday" a couple weeks back, hadnt seen it since I was like 6. Really cool to see how riding has evolved, machines, gear & such. Malcolm Smiths huge grin was such a great reminder of how riding is such a joy, really made me think that was why he was so successful at it.

    Thanks for the pointer on some movies to add to the que