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    If you want to read the details on the El Ceibo crossing check out this thread and some posts by moi et al from several years ago.I had some pictures there but only now I see that Pixelgallery shut down last December, the pics ar gone now.
    Highly recommended crossing El Ceibo if you are in the area . NB : avoid Monday crossings in case the labour shortage still has only the one official handling Banjercito affairs because you will want to cancel the TVIP and get the security deposit refund if you are en route to South America.

    Now if you do wind up including Palenque in your plans then it really makes more sense to not go as far as Huixtla on Mex 200 because then you would just wind up travelling back NORTH and west while you are only a few km from Guatemala .Unless of course you have lots of time and don't mind meandering like that, which I do highly recommend, and the road from Huixtla north is a beaut (sp?)
    Coming from Pto Angel and Pochutla, after Mex 175, carry the route east on Mex 200 to Salina Cruz, combined Mex 185-190 and 200 through Juchitan ,La Ventosa and at San Pedro Tapanatepec veer away from the coast NE on Mex 190 . You will climb into high country , very nice ranch zone, then steadily higher in steps to Tuxtla Gutierrez(Sumidero Canyon ) , and San Cristobal with cool mountain climate. East of San Cristobal take Mex 199 north to Ocosingo and maybe visit nearby ruins of Tonina before hitting Palenque and the grand ruins site there. After that it is a small wiggle to get to Tenosique and El Ceibo.
    The Mex 200 route along the coast to the GT frontier is also charming ,landscape and climate changes character gradually from the hot and dry into more humid forested greenery resembling the Central American zone you are entering.
    Bythe way , what season is this trip planned to start ? Might make a difference esp. up north , snow in Mexico possible y'know.

    Your map of the Palenque area is missing vast amounts of paved highway ,. You will find excellent highways all the way to El Ceibo and through Guatemala. The options in Mexico and CA are so many you may never get to SA if you explore all of these
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    Thanks for the details Sjoerd Bakker, as I was typing my previous post I was also looking at how to diagonally make our South-East instead of back tracking.

    The trip is planned for late September, out of Victoria, BC, out of LA, where we pick up our riding partner on the 29 Sep/1 Oct, so likely 2 1/2 weeks later around the Mex to Guat border.
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    Can you share the Google link to that route? Would love to look at it more closely.
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    Hard to tell exactly from your map, but my recommendation for road going into and out of Oaxaco is 175. Really amazing road on both sides of the city. I rode it from coast to coast.

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    And really amazing towns on either end of the road...:freaky