Mexico 16 days Mcallen - San diego

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    We are planning a trip, anyone in the northwest or BC interested in riding with us can email me. I am shipping our bikes in a car trailer and truck from Victoria, BC, Canada to Mc Allen TX on Nov 5, 2010 to arrive in Mc Allen on Nov 10, 2010. The bikes will be returning out of San Diego on Nov 28, 2010 to Victoria, BC by Dec 2, 2010. We have done this shipping many times before and are experienced. We know the driver, we own the vehicles, nothing is shipped by an outside company. You can load your own bike. We can pick up any where along the way. The cost is approx $1200 for shipping, all other costs of your trip are your own expense. This is not a tour but feel free to ride along with us as we travel through mexico. We have years of experience riding in Mexico. 95% of travel will be on paved roads, but always be prepared. If you are interested in joining us email me for more details.
    Our route is down the eastern mountains of Mexico to veracruz, across at oaxaca to Puerto escondido, and up the west coast all the way back to San Diego. We have room for 4 bikes on the trailer.
    We stay at inexpensive hotels, and eat reasonably priced meals. We arrive to rendevous with our bikes on Nov 10, and fly home out of SanDiego on Nov 28.
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    I work for the Oaxaca Chamber of Commerce. (volunteer)

    Please visit Zipolite when in the state of Oaxaca :thumb

    Nice route you have planned, by the way.