Mextrek #7 from Texas to Galeana, Nuevo Leon Mexico June 7th to 10th 2018

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    Dear ADVRiders,

    First off, I am hating Photobucket for cancelling 3rd party many of pictures won't load. Sorry!

    Official thread:

    Our little group of friends has run the Mextrek rally / ride since 2009. Last year I opened it up to the ADVRider community and we had quite a few new faces at our event. Capped at 100 riders (only 2 hotels in town - we had 75 riders in 2017) we start in Texas, ride into Mexico, base in a small mountain town of 10,000 people with a square, restaurants, some shopping, etc... Riding is amazing, all mountain roads, gravel, and some singletrack. Some have said equal to copper canyon, just sooo much closer. People are friendly. Gang presence and violence is zero. Nothing but smiles. We have ride guides to get you into country easily and safely. We handle all logistics. Although not a non-profit exactly, I charge a whopping $25 and this includes a tee shirt. If you don't want to take my word for just how special this ride and area are, just peruse the last 6 event's threads.

    Mextrek #1
    2008 Planning:
    2008 Reports:
    Mextrek #2
    2009 Planning:
    2009 Reports:
    Mextrek #3
    2010 Planning:
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    Mextrek #7 (June 2018)
    2018 Planning:
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    Mextrek #8 (Oct 2018)
    2018 Planning:
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    Copied in from my "master" thread at, where all future updates will occur:

    This ride is happening!!! Payment / Deposit of $25 covers a tee shirt and amazing ride guides to help you on your journey. Deposits for cancellations up to May 7th will be refunded. After that, deposits will be forfeited but can be applied to future Mextreks.

    Google sign up:

    Paypal address and direct email for any questions:

    Complete your reservation, make paypal payment, and I'll add you to a list of riders, updated every so often, and you will start getting email updates on the ride via email.


    Mextrek #7, 2018, June 7th to June 10th 2018. Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    Wednesday, June 6th: Optional welcome dinner at Mambo's McAllen 6 - 11 PM

    2017 Mambo-(nifica!)

    Thursday June 7th

    A group: 7 AM departure with longest / fastest route thru Santiago
    B group: 8 AM departure with longer / faster route thru Cienega del Toro
    C group: 9 AM departure with shortest route through Rayones

    Lunch stop in Montemorelos on the way down:

    My C Group in 2017 Mextrek #6 taking in the beautiful views outside Montemorelos:

    Waterfalls in wet times!

    Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th: 2 glorious day rides from Galeana to the nearby wonderful dual sport routes. Riders will self organize into ride groups.

    Typical group ride out of Galeana:

    A "trail" explored in 2017. Amazing discovery route:

    Amazing scenery!

    Flats being fixed under the pine trees 50 miles into the mountains.

    Gassing up where there is no gas:

    Typical dinner scene in Galeana:

    Sunday June 10th: Riders will group up and ride back to Mission. Target return 3PM in Mission. Those needing to be at work Monday (AKA in bed in Texas on Sunday) should depart by 7AM.

    See you guys at the border!!!!

    Peter (Shadman) Shaddock
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    Other pertinent (hand holding for first timers to Mexico / ADV) information covered on the master thread:

    Communications: If you plan to come to Mextrek we expect you to come with a radio, a charger, and some type of speaker or ear piece in your helmet. Amazon is your friend on this one:

    Basic radio: 4 watt / 1 watt: UV-5R V2 About $25, includes charger and earpiece. Programming cable not required.
    Extra power model (NEW): 8 watt high power: BF-F9 V2 About $36 - 38 (Recommended radio for 2018 ride). Same as UV-5R otherwise
    With varying degrees of success we utilized the mighty Baofeng UV5-R radios on Mextrek 2017. They are amazing. The feeling of security a ride leader has when he also has a designated sweep with radio is amazing. And when everyone on a group is equipped the ride leader has the ability to tailor speed as requested, assess difficulty of terrain on slower riders, point out side tracks and stops for items of interest. In short, communication while riding in a group is a whole new realm of riding connected. I'll do my best to lay out the little info I know on radios and add points as others chime in:
    Basic: $25 radio, supplied headset: One ear in helmet has speaker. Microphone is clipped to chin bar. Talking is accomplished by pressing the push to talk button on microphone or on side of radio.
    Pros: Cheap, easy, worked for me last year.
    Cons: Hard to talk and ride. Sound clarity at speed lacking. One ear aches a lot. No earplug in that ear. Radio has to be charged every 10 hours or so.
    Basic with push to talk: $25 radio, motorcycle mounted, handlebar mounted switch $25 , upgraded headset $25
    Pros: Motorcycle can power radio. Talking is possible with both hands on bars. Increased sound clarity. Able to broadcast at highway speeds.
    Cons: Riders becomes attached to bike with headphone cable
    Full shebang: $25 radio. Push to talk button $25 Sena SMH10 bluetooth headset $160 Sena SR10 bluetooth 2 way transmitter $195 Baofeng to Sena cable $20
    Pros: Hands and cable free 2 way communication using push to talk button on handlebar. Sena transmitter can also route music from your phone and GPS audio from your garmin, all seamlessly. So you are free to jam tunes, get turn by turn directions, and talk to everyone on e the ride with both hands on the bars.
    Cons: $$$$$$$$$$$$$, charging up every night (10 hours max use), becoming "that guy", Sena not staying affixed to helmet mount, potential for crash damage

    GPS Tracks / Guidebooks:

    If you haven't done so already please order one of Richard's awesome guidebooks and topo maps for the low price of $25. You order directly through Richard via PM on this forum: TrailBoss is his username.
    You get info, general info, specific info, tips, maps, route descriptions with small maps, pictures, and all sorts of warm fuzzies and fuzzy mink glove good feelings after taking a day or two to fully digest the content.
    And the rides in the linked GPX files match up to the rides in the guidebook perfectly, so there is very little guesswork deciding which routes to take.
    And a little pro tip....downloading google earth onto your PC will allow you to preview a GPX file and see in great detail the route, topography, etc... if you are the type to preview what you are going to ride. Email with actual GPX files is going out to all registered participants in 3...2...1....
    Thanks Richard for all the work on these files and the guidebook. They are awesome!!!!
    Roamer worked on GPS tracks in 2017 prep. He writes:
    • I created a MexTrek 2017 event in RideWithGPS and added the GPX files to the event (first link).
    • You can make the routes available for offline use on the RideWithGPS iPhone/Android app - second link has instructions on how to do this.
    • You might also consider downloading a map of the Galeana region for use when internet (cell access) is not available (third link).
    If you find all this bewildering, let me know and I'll do my best to help.
    Edit: The helpful folks at RideWithGPS explained how to add a cuesheet with turn-by-turn instructions to each of the files. You might want to wait a few days for me to get this done before downloading for offline use.


    Mission June 7th: Book your own rooms in Mission. Rate is $67 or so, and you can sleep 4 in a room. It is a nice hotel and having a room there on Friday night ensures you'll have free and secure truck and trailer parking while in Mexico.
    Clarion Inn 3700 Plantation Grove Blvd, Mission, TX 78572 Phone: (956) 519-9696
    Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico: We will book the entire hotel 3 months in advance. All individual bookings will be thrown out the window. Unless 100 riders show up there will be plenty of single occupancy rooms available. If you snore, it doesn't matter, the dogs can out-bark any snorer.
    Mextrek Ride Headquarters: Hotel Magdelana. On the main square in Galeana. 52 beds.
    Alternate hotel: Hotel Jardin ( 3 doors down from Magdelena). 32 beds.

    Border Safety Updates:

    Keep tabs with 100,000 other adv riders who might know a bit about Mexico here:


    Mzungu writes: Well, this is not a "how-to" but "how I do" as everyone's requirements are different. In summary:
    - Baja Bound for motorcycle damage and liability
    - Ripcord to get me from a point of injury or crime to a hospital and for "get me in the door for treatment" assistance
    - MedJetAssist to get me from remote hospital to my US hospital
    There are other companies that are a good or not so good fit for me for this trip. Please research those and decide for yourself.
    I've previously booked a policies with MedJet Assist on motorcycle trips and for hunting dangerous game on safari in Africa and in remote Alaska regions -- I thought MedJet would come to me in the field - they do not. I finally read the policy.
    There is little in overlap in coverage (which can cause a catch-22 resulting in no coverage at all when coverage overlaps between two or more companies as the insurance companies point at each other and say "you first").
    Here's a good article:
    Medivac Insurance:
    Tricepilot writes: The short, technical answer is that MedJet air evac insurance is purchased separately BUT air evac insurance is included with most policies underwritted by MexAdventure. The following quote is from my Guide to Riding Mexico on Adventure Rider:
    "Mexadventure advertises: "Medical Evacuation Insurance and Plane Tickets Home are automatically included with our Mexican auto insurance policies"!
    FAQ: So, why bother with the extra expense of MedJet?
    Answer: If you need medical air evacuation, go with the pros whose job it is full time. Based in Atlanta, experienced on a daily basis doing this, always on their "A" game. When Whiskeysmith crashed in Mexico, and was hospitalized in Parral, we thought he had MedJet but all he had was Mexadventure's "Platinum" coverage which appeared to offer medical extraction as a bonus. I was on the phone with their rep all night long as was told to "call back tomorrow" - and this was a Spanish speaking operator in Mexico City. You want that when you are in a tough bind? I don't. Don't get me wrong, I've been with Mexadventure for years, and always go back to them. But I consider medical extraction by air the same way I do a parachute: you want some extra, seldom used, old model lying around the back of the hangar on your back when you jump? Or do you want the state-of-the-art, tested frequently, highly rated rig on the other end of the line when you pull the coord? Your body - Your money - Your choice."


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    I mover to monterrey, and i was looping for some road tríos around the area as i fine this thread.

    I be Gladis to John you on this rally.

    I have. Km 1190 Adv

    It has the original tires. I Belive the are 80-20 or so.

    Is the biker to big for the rally?
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    Most of the roads can be done on 80/20, but its not ideal. I had one rider last year on 100 street tires and he rode the easy stuff.

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    Interested in joining in on this ride. I recently just took my first ride to batopilas with a few guys from Dallas and feel like hitting this one up too. Is there still spots available?
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    Always!!! We are at around 30 registered riders, thinking maybe we'll have 40 total. The town can handle 120 so we're just fine.

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    Cool stuff. Wouldlove to link up with any other riders leaving from dallas if there is any. Ill contact you directly about attending
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    Ben, direct your inquiries to the twtex.xom forum and you'll get all the answers you need.

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    Note: I wasn't sure where to post this notification. Pls let me know if I need to inform otherwise.
    Due to medical issues I will not be able to participate as planned in Mextrek #7. Please remove me from the list. I love riding Mexico and hope to join a future Mextrek event. Thanks.