Microphone in flip-front helmet

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by Haynes, May 9, 2002.

  1. Haynes

    Haynes Ozzie Cafe Adventurer

    Dec 10, 2001
    Victoria, Australia
    Has anyone seen a microphone intalled in a BMW flip-front other than a small boom-mic?
    How does it fit and operate?
    I have made a simple helmet-helmet communication kit and would like to finish it with something neat and functional.
  2. Dutchman

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    Nov 16, 2001
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    Hi Haynes

    Autocom produce a kit especially for Schuberth/BMW System 4 helmets which includes a neat microphone which velcro fastens to chin piece............

    It's connected to the rest of the headset via a very small coiled lead which allows for the flip front to open & close.

    I had it fitted by Autocom themselves at their factory in Warwick & it worked perfectly in conjunction with their Eurocom system.

    The system I had was hard wired to 'Big Ruby' so it went with the 'bike in December, and I'm now looking at their Pro-M1 system, designed specifically for the RT.

    Everything you need to know is at: www.autocom.co.uk

    I would imagine they have distributors/fitters in Oz?
  3. kiwiDakar

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    May 1, 2002
    Auckland New Zealand
  4. PhilSpace

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    Feb 1, 2002
    Springfield, VA
    We have installed headsets with boom mikes in the Schuberth Concept - same deal as the System helmet.

    We had to remove a lot of material to accomodate the big speakers was our only concern with the Schuberth helmet. All we did was poke a hole through the cheek pad and run the boom out through the end of the cheek pad from the speaker. No cables, muss or fuss.

    We also tried the velcro'ed mike with cable to the headset and within one month the cable on my helmet had managed to get caught near the latch and end of headset mike- had to remove it and send it back for repair.
  5. Adam

    Adam Been here awhile

    Jan 17, 2002
    Had mine installed in the Schuberth by local BMW dealer. Initial boom cam through the side cheek piece near the locking catch. After a few months it was neatly guillotined by the locking mechanism. Back to Southport SuperBikes who fitted it neatly so this will never happen again but I can now no longer use the flip down sun visor in the helmet.

    Will have to change that but have not got round to it all.

    I have also found that the messing around with the lining on the Schuberth has considerably increased the noise level.

    There is a solution but it is not yet on the market and really will not cost significantly more than the Autocom and Mobile Phone/ Music Player and that is:

    Nextlink Bluespoon V3 Earpiece/Microphone (Microphone works on jawbone vibration) - Due end Q2

    Sony P800 Phone or Fujitsu-Siemenns LOOX PDA (Both have cell phone & MP3 storage capability) Due End Q2/Q3

    Result, no wires, no carving up helmets and all that is missing is intercomm capability but looking at something for that...

    If all else fails may get board made up to act as the bluetooth hub for all elements but will wait a bit to see what comes on the market.....