Milky oil from breather hose - but water pump seal already replaced!

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  1. Jdeks

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    Aug 30, 2009
    Hi all,

    04 950 Adv, about to head off on a big trip. But have two problems.

    The breather hose is spitting milky oil. Usually a sign that water except the rest of the oil isn't milky, oil pressure is fine and I'be replaced both balance shaft seals and water pump seals TWICE now, and it's still doing it.

    Additionally, I'm getting random periods where it starts to backfires like a bitch on idle/throttle off, and loses power (like fuel starvation) under small throttle application. Big twists and it behaves normally. Cold weather and altitude seem to provoke it, but not reliably. Still fairly random.

    The breather hose is now routed out of the airbox, and it's still doing it, so the power issue isn't oil gumming the carbs. Not the fuel pump either, using the Dr Bean kit.

    However, I did just move.the factory pro needles back to the first clip from the second, after some complaints my exhaust smelled rich and a noticeably soggy throttle.response at altitude . I'm running pyndons pre filter, and a 2-1 exhaust. 150/155 mains, 42 pilots. I suspect this may be a poor setup, and I should have left it as the dyno guy set it...but it doesn't explain the milky oil...

    Any ideas what's going on, and.should it.mean I cancel my.trip?
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    Jun 5, 2007
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    Turn off the taps, lay the bike over so that the left side of the engine is somewhat level, and pull the oil filter. If it's wavy then I'd cancel the trip until I figured out what was wrong. If it's still good then I'd just keep riding, assuming you've gotten some miles on the bike since the WP change.

    Beyond that, I don't speak Carb that well. Good luck.
  3. Motomedic

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    Oct 4, 2004
    Another tell-tale if you have water in the oil is to remove the outer clutch cover. The clutch seems to "froth" the milkshake quite well-if you have any water in the oil it'll show on the inside of the clutch cover first.
  4. gefr

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    Nov 26, 2005
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    and what do you mean: replaced wp seal twice? in sequence? and how about the wp axle?
  5. Uller

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    How does your coolant look? Is there any black residue in the coolant reservoir? On the sides/bottom of the bottle?

    I don't want to scare you but, I noticed the same thing. Changed both seals (balancer and WP) and still have the same issues....

    I too thought it might be the carbs. Cleaned them. Put in new/cleaned all jets. Same issues...

    I added the Dr. Bean Kit. Same issues...

    I've now pulled the motor, changed head gaskets and still have the problem. It did run great for two days after but, once I took to redline for a couple shifts it has come back.

    I am at the point where I believe that there is a crack in the head/cylinder that allows combustion gasses/oil to combine with the coolant. Mine started small with just the emulsified oil in the breather tube and is now to the point where it pukes coolant out the overflow anytime you bring the revs up.

    There have been a couple others on here that have mentioned the same emulsified oil in the breather tube/balancer shaft and they ended up changing head gaskets to fix their problem.

    I don't really have anything else to add. Sorry. My 950 is sitting dead in the garage. :cry I can't sell it and don't have $ to fix it.

    When I pulled the gaskets they had a slimy gray substance on them. I am starting to think that it was some sort of stop leak added to the coolant system by the PO and the used 950 I got had the problem all along.

    I am going to try to add it again to see if I can continue to ride the bike like it is until I can get the funds together for a new motor or get some used heads/cylinders.
  6. D K

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    Apr 22, 2010
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    Move the needles back, see if the problem goes away.

    Sounds like a lean condition.
  7. Jdeks

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    Aug 30, 2009
    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Gefr, I replaced the seal initially and when I still got milky oil from the breather,i did it again.Using a cjdesigns shaft, didn't replace it. Used the instructions on the hall of wisdom.

    Ended up going on the trip, and I think I found the problem: me. Checking for milky oil at the roadside, I discovered in my haste I over filled the oil after replacing the pump seal. Siphoning out the excess has eliminated the breather hose issue.

    The throttle issue has not repeated, but I am now in much warmer climes. Considering it was happening at night in cold (~5 °C) temps, I'm thinking maybe Carb icing (I don't have heaters).

    The bike is running fine, even slogging it in deep sand. Only one thing - my motul mocool coolant has changed color from light purple to light green (my old coolant color). The system has been flushed twice before the current coolant went in, but I had to used tap water with the mocool, no pure water on hand. Neither coolant nor oil has milky reside or particulate, the overflow bottle level moves back and forth between the high mark and about mid way, depending on engine temp. No bottle overflows with high revs, and there's been a bit of that on the dunes

    Should I be worried? because I don't feel worried...
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    Apr 3, 2010
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    You should know that tap water is not good enough for the Austrian machune.
    It needs fresh ice water from Grossglockner glacier fetched by fair Austrian virgins. :D