Mini-Rack for KTMs

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    Many of you are familier with our full size rack for the 250 - 530 cc KTMs. It looks like this...


    While the full size rack is one of our most popular products that have been on some long rides we found that some riders were looking for something smaller.

    So we came up with the Mini-Rack...


    How do they compare? Let's take a look...

    The full size rack was developed to carry up to 60 lbs of gear, fuel & water in standard panniers & RotoPax cans for multi day / week rides.

    Maybe you want to carry less for the week end ride. What do you do? That is where the Mini Rack comes into the picture.

    The Mini-Rack allows you to carry a RotoPax can on the top rack and gear on the sides.

    And it carries that load forward of typical saddle bags to further improve handling...


    It can do this because it has integrated daisy chain loops on the side tubes to hold gear in place & keep it from sliding forward...


    Additionally, the Mini-Rack is lighter weight. Where the full sized rack weighs 9 lbs the mini rack weighs only 5 lbs.

    With the 1 gallon RotoPax can it looks like this...


    You can even be greedy & load up a 1.75 gal can...


    These racks fit any KTM from the 250 to 530 cc size, model years 2008 & on, and nearly all models such as the EXC, XC, XCW, etc.

    If either of these racks can help you have a better more care free ride, please visit out web site....

    As always, our products are 100% guaranteed. You don’t like it, send it back or give us a call.

    And, as an ADV inmate you receive a 10% discount on anything. Use this code at checkout. … ‘ADVISGOOD” (no spaces).

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    Hey there, I ordered the rack the other week and looking forward to it. I'm now thinking I would like to try your 15L Luggage for it. I only wish you had a few more photo's showing it mounted on the bike not only from the side but also from the front. After I get the rack and luggage I'll take better photo's and send them to you, if you want?